DrunkWooky Comic Giveaway: Mike Mayhew High Republic #4 Shadow Variant

DrunkWooky.com is giving away one (1) copy of the Mike Mayhew Star Wars High Republic #4 Shadow Variant as pictured below!

So, what do you have to do to be entered?
Head on over to the DrunkWooky.com giveaway post: here. Follow the instructions and leave a comment in that post.

The instructions will ask you to head on over to WookyWiki.com, find your favorite first appearance or key issue from the database, and tell us about it in the comments of the giveaway post.


Hey, everybody! FYI, one more day to enter this giveaway!

I would enter but I’m just too lazy to click your link… :wink:

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I get that.

If you win give it to me! :slight_smile:

Winner announcement:

Congratulations, Johnny V!




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