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As some of you know I’ve been helping out @drunkwooky with the DrunkWooky website lately. Still getting my feet wet but having fun so far.

Heading into Celebration I wanted to put together a crowdsourced “speculation” post where I ask different SW communities their top spec pick right now with Star Wars. (and if you could drop a pic of the book in the post that would be cool too.)

If you’re interested in being a part of it I’d love to know what your #1 speculation pick is for star wars right now and why?

In other words, which book do you personally believe will rise in value the most sooner than later (no specific timeline), and your reasons for thinking that?

I’ll be sure to credit you in the post on the site. If you’d rather I not include a name/username just let me know though.

Im gonna put my pick in the first comment.


ll start it off. One of my top picks is Star Wars Beckett #1 Cover A - First Appearance of Enfys Nest.

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Character is badass, super unique, and there have been rumors that she will show up in Andor. Which may not happen but it seems like a great fit for the show as she meets Saw Gerrera in the Solo novel.

Right now I keep finding it at cover or below at comic shops. If she is in the show it could go for 5x-10x that easy IMO.

Also (this is a more minor thing) but I think The High Republic authors are connecting the Nihil to Nest’s band of rebels. Her mask looks a ton like a Nihil mask and her group is called “The Cloud Riders.” Which fits with the storm imagery the Nihil use.

I don’t think that will impact the spec value of the book right now about but still interesting to me.


Star Wars #16 1978 1st Valance The Hunter
Has been in Star Wars comics for 44 years now and is still in Star Wars comics that are currently coming out. Technically I believe this is the first bounty hunter to appear in Star Wars which alone should make this key go for 20x what it currently goes for. I believe a single media appearance of
Beilert Valance could push this book to Star Wars #42 prices.


once annocement comes, will go from a 2k 9.8 to a 5k-8k 9.8


another good aphra spec book, its a 1:25 and is the 1st app of aphra’s girl friend add on to that its a fantastic cover of her droids


If Aphra appears on screen, you’ll never see this book again.


Wow, is the dr. Aphra #3 1:25 a super low print run?

48k ordered estimated. but no way of knowing how many stores ordered 25 copies. plus book saw no heat on release so most copies went into PC collections.

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To not tell this story on screen would be a miss.
We’ve gotten ties to the Tuskens/history already, the story is associated with Obi-Wan, and while not canon at this point, Darth Krayt/A’sharad Hett are very, very popular already.
One of my all time favorites.


I just cannot see Valance not showing up in a Star Wars show or movie at some point. Aphra that one is just a no brainer waiting to happen. Just a matter of time with her.

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I don’t think you’ll get Aphra and not have Sana Starros. (while not as much potential as Aphra, you can still get these cheaply and with the right actress she could be a fan favourite)

With her first appearance (Issue 4) she is disguised so I am including the 1st appearance where you see her face too.(Issue 6) (she’s also briefly in Issue 5 disguised)

And here are some of the variant’s / other printings for Issue 4.(I haven’t included the store variants or JTC action figure cover)

SW 4 1 100 Variant
And for Issue 6 - There are no incentives for this one(I believe) but there are a couple of JTC action figure variants and a Mile High Store variant.
SW 6 2nd
SW 6 3rd

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Another big thing about the Aphra, Valance and Krayt books is that their are featured on the cover. Huge plus.

That being said, I prefer the A cover to DV3 just because it’s also the first appearance of the Murder Droids and They as well as Aphra are prominent on the cover. I get the 1:25 will always be of most value, and likely the better investment, but the book I want for my PC is cover A.


that #6 3rd print is a nice one to have for her

I have found more 3rd prints than 2nd prints so far.(That could be a UK thing though) I think the Star Wars variants and 2nd/3rd/4th/5th prints prints could be a real area of growth a few years down the line. I like the Black Starry backgrounds on a few of the 2nd prints.


Ghirra Starros, Dana’s ancestor, also plays a role in Phase 1 of the High Republic. The foundation is being laid for the Starros family to have a legacy in AGFFA

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