DrunkWooky Giveaway: High Republic #1 Panini Italy Grabrielle Dell’Otto Variant

The Panini Italy Gabrielle Dell’Otto exclusive Star Wars High Republic #1 cover was a pretty huge success! After a mad dash by collectors and stores to source these beautiful covers from Italy, they have now settled into the $60-$70 range on the aftermarket. If you want to try your luck rather than spend your money, then we have a treat for you!

We are giving away one (1) copy of the Panini Italy Gabrielle Dell’Otto exclusive Star Wars High Republic #1 as pictured below!

So, what do you have to do to be entered? Name your favorite High Republic era Jedi in the comments here! If you want an extra entry , head over to the WookyWiki Instagram (our sister site) and comment on the giveaway post there tagging three friends in the comment.

One winner will be randomly drawn on 5/28/2021. The comic is in my possession as we speak, so it will ship out the day the winner is picked! U.S. Shipping is taken care of by us, foreign entrants agree to pay the difference between domestic and foreign shipping. No purchase necessary to enter. Good luck!

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My absolute favorite Jedi so far is Torban “Buckets of Blood” Buck.

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Edited commented on linked site :grinning:

Thanks Wooky!

I’m liking ceret and terec so far.

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What if we don’t have 3 friends?



(Means shit out of luck, forum bot. Let me post a snappy acronym comeback)

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That’s just the Stockholm syndrome talking.


But but… @Anthony is the best… he feeds me, he bathes me… he loves me… bestest friend ever! :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve always been a sucker for little green men, so make mine Yoda!

I have 2 Jedi that I like so far. I’m enjoying Adventures more then the regular run. My picks are Quort. I like his vive and one of the scenes made me laugh. The other one is Master Buck because of how he discribes himself “Buckets of Blood.” :joy:

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Leia Skywalker/Solo

Congrats, Jim Hayes!

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Wow. Didn’t even get put on the list.

I didn’t post on wooki lol. Thought I had :rofl::rofl:

Congrats Jim!!!

I got all excited when I seen Jim won. Then I seen the last name and it wasnt mine. :frowning:
LOL Congrats Jim!

Sorry, Jester. I realized afterwards that I didn’t put entries over on this thread in the excel. I was torn because I wanted to include them, but they strictly weren’t submitted according to the rules. But then again, I wrote the rules, so I could bend them. But then if I bend them, is the whole thing a sham?

Then I cried in the corner in the fetal position for a few hours. Then I decided to just move ahead this way.

Sorry again.

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Rules?! What are those? Lol

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