DrunkWooky’s Spring Purge

Hey, everybody, I’m purge some stuff to make room for, well, more (probably Star Wars) related stuff. I started a bunch of $0.99 auctions tonight with no reserves. Check em out if you will! Thanks.

[Edit: Fixed some of your links, there were duplicates - agentpoyo]


More because I’m an idiot and hit post too soon:

Rest assured you’ll get great service from me on these listings because I desperately want to avoid a public CHU flogging.


You did it again, your Flash #1 was pointing to your DC Rebirth listing… amateur. :wink:

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(Glance down, copy an eBay link)
(Glance up because child is yelling)
(Glance down, paste link)
(Glance up because dog is now yelling)
(Forget if the last thing I did was paste or copy)


(click wooky’s link)
(click wooky’s next link)
(gah, it’s the same listing)
(click wooky’s “other items listed”)
(find correct listing)
(make new link and edit)
(shake fist at clouds)
(click wooky’s next link)


(Thank Poyo for cleaning up my digital sh!t pile)


I’m the highest bidder!

Not anymore…

And I wanted that Jimny Hex… I need a 4th copy.

Oops 13 days late to the party

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You could have had it for a cool $2

Here it is, folks:

Goes live at 6:00 pm mountain time.

It’s an error page for me.

It goes live at 6pm mountain time. I just wanted to get the link over here before I forgot.

Such a tease…

This is live now for the high rollers out there.

Ultimate Fallout 4 (2011) First Print ← for those that can’t bother to scroll up. :wink:

Helped ya out :rofl:

Thank god. I fear it never would have sold without the kindness of souls like you.