DrunkWooky Series 1 Holographic Stickers!

Official DrunkWooky Series 1 Holographic 3”x2” Stickers are now here! Limited to 80 copies (or 81, who knows?! Counting is hard).

Link to eBay listing in bio! $3 each with free shipping!

These wonderful little stickers will stick anywhere! Show your love of a niche Star Wars comic social media brand with these shiny stickers!

To make them even more special, I, DrunkWooky, signed and numbers all 80 (maybe 81) copies of this sticker! I gave 10 copies to Grand Admiral Frik and 10 copies to Altered State Comics!

To increase the specialness even further, I made some 1/1 limited edition ones with crappy doodles on the back! Collect some of them!

I won’t make this particular sticker ever again.

Get it now or let the FOMO take you over!


Grabbed mine. Thanks!

NO! Thank YOU!

Im going to stick mine DIRECTLY to the cover of my freshly pressed Darth Vader 3.


I see no problem with that.

How do I know you didn’t print 500 of these, and are only “selling” 80 (or 81) now….and won’t release the remaining 420 later?



I bought one…I’m gunna stick it somewhere “special”!

Your sticker, your choice!

Execute Order 66!


Haha rock on!


Just purchased 4. I’m a sucker for a cool sticker

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