DrunkWooky's October 13 Key Issue Auction

Wooky did a dumb thing and bought some expensive original art. So, I’m auctioning off some duplicate issues to fund that:

These all go live in a couple minutes here (4PM Pacific):



Happy bidding!


I can only imagine Wooky’s wife was standing over him while going through the comic boxes pointing to some of these… “Oooh… that one looks expensive… sell that one!” :wink:


FYI, you seem to have uploaded Spectacular #107 image with your #101 auction images. Might be misleading to some thinking it’s also included in the #101 sale… @drunkwooky

For him to sell those good books? The art must of been pricy lol…

Can you believe this guy didn’t notice his ASM 300 was a newsstand? Oh well. It’s sitting at $610 right now. I’m excited to see how it does over the next two hours.

I noticed… you didn’t? Did the wife know and point to that one knowing it would fetch more cause she’s tired of you spending her retirement on shenanigans?

Her retirement is separate and ridiculous. She’s fine.

Haha… but she wants to spend your money! :wink:

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