DUNE MOVIE-My thoughts

I sort of planned on seeing this at the theater but couldn’t wait and watched it on HBO MAX.

I’ve never been a huge Dune fan. I enjoyed the book I guess, and I thought the original movie (I recall seeing it in the theatres way back) was decent enough. I didn’t dislike it…just not overly passionate about it like some.

I thought this film was absolutely incredible. To be cliche…a stunning, visual masterpiece. It was beautiful. The sound was also amazing. Even at home on my TV with surround sound…it was just WOW. I may actually pay to go see it on IMAX now…it was that awesome from a sense/sound perspective just at home.

I though the acting was great. No surprises for me as the story is well known, but it adhered well to the book (as much as they can anyway).

The downside is the whole “Part one” so it certainly just sort of stops…I really, really hope they do end up being greenlighted for part 2. Would be a real shame if not.

It’s funny as my wife hates this sort of film, sci fi stuff…but she actually sat and watched and even commented on just how cool everything was and the way it looked/sounded, was filmed.

Other than the whole part 1 of 2…5 stars from me. I’d love to hear others thoughts…maybe I was just so thirsty for a new, sci fi movie that I’m biased.


them not filming both parts at the same time was a huge mistake, will be 3-4 years before part 2 comes out. also them doin an hbo max release was dumb. it got leaked online a week ago. gonna hurt there box office numbers

I agree with your points…but did you see it? Did you enjoy it?

I will say this…there may be many like me who typically would never go see a film in a cinema after watching it at home. This film is an exception. I very likely will pay to see it again in the theatre.

I’ve seen some Dune purists who are upset there are some critical missing elements, but I’m not well versed enough to comment on that.

yea i watched it, i liked it, just pissed studio cheaped out and now we have to wait for part 2

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Cinemark has a deal for private watch parties to rent out the whole theater for $99 on 10/31. So it is a great option for my wife and I to see it in a theater without Covid worries and needing to wear a mask.


Question: if we have almost no familiarity with the franchise will we still enjoy this?

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@davidbitterbaum I believe so. I had very little myself other than a younger age reading of the original book only and the original film as I stated.

In fact, I almost think that someone with less knowledge going in, may be more fond of it. Films adapted from classic literature are often set up for failure imo.

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I thought it was pretty entertaining, but they did the huge fight scene in reverse of the duel. Felt a little anticlimactic as it ended so abruptly. Aside from that, casting was well done, and I am looking forward to a sequel.