Dune trailer released

Interesting. Original was good so the bar is set high for me.

Is that the one with Sting?

Dune w/Sting

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I remember buying the DVD for the original from the 80s. The inside smelled like a spice, or what melange might have smelled like. Thought that was pretty cool.

any key Dune comics from the 60s or 70s?

Marvel Super Special #36 and Dune 1-3 Miniseries are basically it.

The sandworm at the end looked pretty cool and fairly accurate to the original, from what I remember.

Always a fan of Dune and certainly the books over the original film.
There is a ton of depth and nuance to this story/the history relative to the story that (as we saw in the original film).

I’m happy happy that this is to be done as two films. That alone should dramatically improve its ability to succeed where the other failed.

In all honestly, given the time period and constraints, the original was a very decent film. People complain it was a bit of a snooze fest…but the books (again I loved them) were similar. Pretty heady stuff at times.

I never liked the original film. Didn’t know sci-fi could be boring.