Dylan in “Venom” Face

Uh…a little too close to another type of “face” for my tastes…that and the $50 price tag. Doesn’t even look like a symbiote…but maybe he’s going to be something completely unique…maybe it’s just his Halloween costume…hard to think this being deluged release until the week of Halloween is coincidence…

Either way…here come the shop variants killing Venom 19 spec…hope Dylan’s true nature is revealed outside of venom to throw everyone off!


Frankie’s Comics if anyone interested…

Looks like Carnage is dripping finger goo into his eyes.

Looks like the goo is coming out of his eyes.

$50? I’d rather spend that money on his first appearances…

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Ah, yeah…Go go, Goo power.

Fugly and crazy expensive. No, thank you. I can buy 10-12 copies of cover A for that price, or get 2x 1:25.

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[redacted due to error]

No, the 1:25 can be bought separately for $29.99. It is $50 for the 2 book lot (trade and virgin).

You’re right…read it wrong. I thought the bullets were all for the $50…will edit my lost above to avoid confusion.


  • Artist Tyler Kirkham
  • Trade dress limited to 3000
  • Virgin limited to 1000 (sold in a set of Virgin & Trade Dress)
  • 1/25 Tony Moore Codex Variant (We do not have cover art at this time)

Meh, even $29.99 is still way too much.

I agree. Not a fan of store exclusives.

They over price their store variants and they over price the ratio variants that they get w/ the 3000 store books?
Awesome. Their customers must feel privileged. Frankies seems to just want to exploit their customers as much as possible. :+1:

This isn’t just a Frankie’ s exclusive.

Fair enough. Frankies & Friends customers must feel privileged having to pay $30 for a 1:25 book.

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Still available! I guess there aren’t 1000 people that feel privileged yet…

Lovin’ the Codex variant!

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I guess Dylan in blackface can still be a Canadian Prime Minister?


Is that Stokoe? Looks like Stokoe. :+1:


You cant look at something someone did in 2000 and judge those actions by 2019 standards. If we use that standard then there a lot of our mothers who are monsters for having regularly smoked while pregnant with us. :man_shrugging: And I would take Dylan, any face, over Trudeau, any day. :wink:

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