Dynamic Forces Thread (aka Don’t Waste Your Time)

Apologize if this has been discussed before but I have a couple of orders from Dynamic Forces which date back from 2020, which I have not received. Does Dynamic force ever eventually fill orders?

I have emailed but no response.

They’re known to never fulfill orders or take months to years to fulfill. I’m not sure how they’re still in business as I do not recommend ever pre-ordering their books and if you do, never give them money up front.


I also split this off to it’s own topic, not really related to newstand pickups.

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I called and emailed them several times over months with no response back. I ending up doing a chargeback. You will probably have to do the same.

I can’t dispute the charges with my credit card because the orders are close to 2 years old.

However their website continues to sell hundreds of signed books.

Under certain circumstances you can still chargeback. different banks have different rules, credit cards are most lenient with it. Some have terms where you can dispute a charge not by the date of purchase but by the date of receipt/expected delivery. check your cards and reach out to a customer service rep.

File small claims in the state they’re located in. Get a pro bono attorney to show up to court on your behalf and pound them into the ground for not fulfilling their contractual obligations.

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The last time I ordered from Dynamic Forces was about 10 years ago. I received a damaged item. I called and was told a new item would be shipped to me. Never happened. Like Poyo said, I have no idea how they are still in business. Seems half the time people order from them they never get it or it takes a year. I think I would have better odds of getting my TFAW Cates signature than something from DF.

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Put the word out and get a couple of dozen people who have gotten nowhere with customer support join in.

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Its only about $130 bucks but still frustrating their customer service is a black hole.

I have posted about this before…but I have an open order that is currently going on 5yrs. I am letting it ride because it has been so long that the credit card on file for my account has expired. So good luck DF if you ever get around to it.

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Never pay upfront for DF. This is one time where it’s better to use TFAW as they don’t charge until it’s shipped.

I believe they also go through DF.



Well, that’s still a good chunk of change. Did you use a credit card or Paypal. Might be time to put up a dispute to get your money back.

I have a pending order from Dec 2021. I’ve checked and I have no charge from them so I don’t think they charge until it’s shipped. Expired card at this point. If the order ever goes through and they hit me up for an updated credit card I’m just going to not respond like they’ve not responded to me. THAT WILL TEACH EM!

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They’re still in business because they are solicited through Diamond Previews. If local comic shops finally stopped ordering them, they would be sunk. Every once in a while a DF comic comes through my LCS. I remember it as something solicited years before. He shrugs it off because it’s such a small, insignificant portion of his weekly FOC, but I think that pork barreling is what keeps them going.


I have orders that I even wanted that couldn’t get from DF after they came in. It took so long to come in the credit cards used on the preorder expired and they made it impossible to update the cards and actually get the stuff when it came in.

They are also still in business because their comic company, Dynamite Entertainment, does well. Yes two sides of the same coin.


Oh snap, just start harassing Dynamite then…


FYI, the owner will be on YouTube doing a live show tonight.


Surprised they are not on Whatnot

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