E Gerber Order for Bags & Backing Boards

I just went to place an order through EGerber for some bags and boards and I could not order any of their full back of half back boards as they are not carrying/producing them due to the paper shortage issue. No ETA when they will have then in stock again. Just crazy!

Although I always ordered in bulk from E. Gerber, there were times I would buy some from ebay in between orders if I was in pinch. Even as of last winter, I was paying about $36.00 for 50 mylite2 and 50 fullbacks…there is nothing even remotely in that ballpack now. Last I saw, it was like $70-$100.

Definitely insane.

It’s going to be that way for many things sadly. I unfortunately was in Walmart yesterday…the place looked barren. Half the shelves were empty.

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Dang I ordered some last week and they took my order but said it may be 12-14 weeks



the supply chain disruptions are crazy. BCW has modern bags on backorder until the end of February. They are even drying up on resellers like Amazon.

Toploaders are about impossible to get reasonably anywhere right now.

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The supply chain for some things is getting worse and probably will not get better any time soon. I was lucky to get some silver age bags and boards a few months ago before the prices went up.

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Haha, 9 people clicked on it!!!

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Coming soon to a food supply chain near you!

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I bought 14000 boards right before they were back ordered until next year. They were the packs of 1000 loose ones, not the packages of 100. I had made another order before that, which had items in it back ordered until December, but who knows when they will arrive.

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Already happening around here. Especially for things you would normal pack in a kids school lunch.