You’re fifteen years old. You’re suddenly granted incredible powers. Cool, right? There’s only one problem: you can only use your powers for ten minutes at a time. What do you do when you have to save the world but you only have ten minutes to do it? This is the problem faced by Oliver Leif, a teenager who has just moved to a new town, and a new school, and is having a hard enough time navigating classes and his crush before the inter-dimensional monsters started showing up.

Anyone on this? I seen this sold out at midtown and a few people youtubers and such talking about it.


just an FYI…retailers were given a 75% off discount for orders before FOC for this title

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Ok so does that mean its over ordered? Nothing to see here? Jus was making my youtube rounds and IG posts seen a few bring it up. Wanted to see what the CHU thought.

No idea how many retailers ordered it. I did. The discount was enticing.

Just giving you some bts info

Of course man appreciate it. That’s why I asked didnt see it brought up here and u know the true bubble when info drops to the masses so figured I’d post and ask. So more than likely shops ordered quite a few copies if they ordered.

Hmm… can go either way with such huge discounts… either it’s great and they want a bunch out there or they have zero faith in it and trying to make up costs in quantities and not quality. Hmm… :thinking:

I read it and it is decent. Think Skottie Young type art on the inside. Cool read though


Ordered 2 of each cover from TFAW.

The 75% off thing is a pretty common first issue discount from AWA so far. Some publishers make all number 1s fully returnable, some make them cheaper. I wouldn’t say it’s any indication of it being over ordered.

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I thought Anthony said these AWA books were limit one per store. If not I got to drop them from my preorders.

No, AWA has always been open order. AWA is the same people who attempted to start Double Take which was the ultimate failure in comic book publishing history…

NVM I was confusing the new publisher Bad Idea with AWA

Yes, that’s them. I couldn’t think of their name…

No that is Bad Idea Studios not AWA

Hey, I liked Bill Jema’s attempt with the Double Take comics! It did die a terrible death, however.

I been buying EVERY AWA title.

For the most part I’ve enjoyed their series so far. I know they’re started purely to try to sell IPs and license things for movies and tv, but Year Zero and The Resistance were really entertaining. So I’ll keep trying their things out until i stop enjoying them.

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AWA is Bill Jemas, Axel Alonso, and a host of other folks.
Seems like the company was set up well.
I like most of the titles and they have been releasing steadily throughout the pandemic.
E-Ratic is on the stack of reads for this week.
For a new publisher that is pretty impressive.
Link to their about page
AWA about

I myself like Jemas. I ripped into some of his Double Take books on my blog when they launched and he actually wrote to me asking if I’d like to read the full mini-series and see if they appeal to me more after I read more. I quite liked the books once I got past some of the shaky first issues. He didn’t even have to email me or anything, but it was nice.

It’s a decent basic premise and I’ve ordered an A and B. Here’s hoping it is executed well.