Earth 2 #19 & 25

Whats everyone thoughts about the long term spec on these? I know a show has been potentially optioned or rumoured. Im undecided if I should cash in on my full run or hold for now.

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I sold my dinged up copy of 19 for $70, so my answer would be sell now depending on how much you paid for yours.

He first appears as Superman in #24 not 25

25 first cover I think

Paid cover

25 is the one selling along with 19

I would sell now, I paid cover for my copy as well.

Anyone have examples of a recent book/show snd how The pricing developed - during the announcement, during show, well after the show

Maybe walking dead snd Mandalorian examples; 2 super popular shows.

Does it make sense to wait and see if the show is popular? Would the book be worth more when the show is gone (eg. walking dead)?

Or, typically the pre-hype is the way to go if you are looking to seek at a high

One that really comes to mind for me (in support of buying at first trailers/hype/etc) will always be Avenging Spidey #9. That was a book that was definitely hot fire initially but cooled down like crazy afterwards. Sure, it can make another jump in the future, but it’s a great example of parting with a book pre-hype.

Pre-show-fire, during show-maintained but def not the same, well after=barely could get rid of them (relatively speaking–sure they sell, but not for those hype prices).

I’m sure there are other examples.

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If you want something real recent you could keep an eye on Inhumans 5, 1st yelena belova now that the movies is out.

That book will continue to go up given she’s going to be in a bunch of the MCU series and movies. I don’t see it dropping to much.

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But so was Captain Marvel and Avenging Spider-Man 9 dropped a ton after release. I’m not making a prediction either way I just think they will be interesting books to compare.

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Yes but we’re talking a true first appearance vs a name change.

I recalled a shop by me that #19 up on the wall because of the initial heat on the book. Price has now escalated significantly since that point.
Anyway, it was still there…$35 out the door.
I had a few copies of #24, #25 from cover price, cheap bins so I’m set on this spec now.