Earthdivers tv show


Seems like an interesting story. Picked up 5 A covers.

not touching it with a 10 foot pole, they just so happen to announce option the day of foc. yea sure. orders were small so idw pumping it

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can someone name one of these pre foc optioned that panned out ?

also idw gave out this sampler at sdcc, which would be the 1st app for this book/characters


Three of the books in it have options so far;

Earth Diver
Trve Cvlt
Dark Spaces.


There’s been a few of those in recent memory. Announcing an optioned series before FOC is smart. They’re in the business to sell books and get properties optioned. A property being optioned sells books and both goals are accomplished. We don’t care for it because it means print numbers will be bigger and potentially less profit on our end.


Yeah, can’t call it pumping, more like “marketing” when it comes from the publisher/creators. If they were pumping it, they would hold out after FOC with copies in hand selling them on eBay… which would just be kind of sad if a publisher/creator was that desperate for quick cash.

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