eBay bans Cherry Poptart Comics

So I went ahead and purchased a three issue set of the Peach Momoko Cherry Poptart covers from Frankie’s as well as the Trade Dress Cherry and Darth Maul covers. They are doing exceptionally well on eBay. The problem is, eBay keeps pulling listings for violating their service terms for selling “adult material”. Now if you are unfamiliar with Cherry Poptart, it is a very graphic comic.

Needless to say, that stinks. I purchased for the flip and the only way eBay will allow them to be sold is in the other items> adult product category.

Gonna make these harder to sell.

Sell under the adult section… and link the hell out of it so people find it.

But no one looks in those categories.

Hence the reason I said link the hell out of it… You know, we got this “For Sale and Trading” category here on the forums… if you post a link, I’ll approve it. :wink:


Sell em on Mercari

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the holmie @hartlessart on IG has one he can’t sell either… so yeah I get you.

You already got your cherry and maul covers? Mine haven’t even shipped yet…

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Yeah. Got mine on Wednesday. eBay has taken down every copy I have tried to sell

I got the Maul covers but passed on the Cherry ones mainly because I had no idea what it was. Now I know haha

Cherry Poptart was a classic underground series. As someone with a fondness for wacky underground stuff, I have an affinity for the series. I ordered the Maul set as well as the Cherry set. I intend to sell the Maul as soon as I have it in my hands. I’m most likely going to keep the Cherry stuff or maybe just sell one of the covers. I like the one that has a trade dress and virgin where she’s leaning and looks chill. The lingerie one is posed oddly, I think.

If you are on eBay’s fantastic managed payments system, you’re gonna love this.::sarcasm:: You are correct that Cheery Poptart comics are considered “Adult”. Although, one look at the comic and anybody would call this tame by today’s standards. Just look at the numerous Vampirella, Red Sonja, or Deja Thoris covers that straight-up nudity on the cover. I digress.

If you are on eBay managed payments you are not allowed to sell anything in the Adult category…
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So, can’t sell them in the regular categories. Can’t even list them in the adult category. Guess I’ll try my luck with Mercari and local OfferUp.

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Why the ■■■■ do they have an adult category to begin with? I’m not against adult content or the human body at all. We all have one under our clothes. I’m against censorship and I see plenty of completely nude comics in the comics category. It’s even more ridiculous that if you’re in managed payments which everyone will be soon that you’re not allowed. Sounds like they’re doing away with the category.

Also Mercari sucks. Enjoy not getting paid til the buyer leaves feedback.

It’s what’s inside that bothers them. There is hard core animated sex in there.

Nope. Still on the old system.

I have my comics for sale in the same category as sex toys. Fantastic. Not getting any views on them. Not sure they are even searchable.

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They’re not in search results. To protect the children man… it’s all for the greater good of the kiddos not turning into Blind Adam… :wink:

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I never realized that “Poptart” was part of the title. How the hell did I miss that for all these years?

It was only a part of the title for a few issues and then Kellogg’s sued to get it removed. From there it became Cherry only. Also Archie sued them for a story in the first issue (only the first print and now the legacy edition) called Vamperonica (which they later used themselves) that spoofed Archie comics and had Veronica as a vampire.

I could swear there is another vampire character tho with a vulva-related play on word name I can’t quite recall.


I am just gonna leave it at that.

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