eBay Headaches

If that is the case, you need to talk to the post office about an item intercept. At their next scanned point they will pull the package and return it to you. If you have to refund, please do this so they don’t get both the refund and the book.


This is the way I feel around work and also my wife’s work.

She has a staff member who has repeatedly, all year, refused to tell my wife what her scheduling availability is, then complain about the schedule and refuse to work evening shifts because her 15 year old son needs supervision at home in the afternoon for some reason. Then, after repeatedly no call no showing for shifts, my wife gave her verbal then written warnings. Now she has filed a discrimination case.

No. Not discrimination. Trying to keep a pediatric operating room staffed during a mother effing pandemic, fool! Oh, yeah, by the way, did I mention this is at a hospital!

Meanwhile, at my job, I’ve got all these brokers yelling at me about how long things are taking while my daughter is quarantined.

Pandemic, people. Did you forget. Deadly pandemic. Still around. Nothing has changed yet. More cases than ever. New strain in London. Pandemic. Things are hard. All the things are hard.

Sorry. Off topic rant. Over now.


Thanks. Just added that guy to my list. I had a guy buy a toy. I had in the description and took pictures of everything included. There were 49 figures out of the original 52 figures. He returned them and I had to pay for shipping. eBay sucks at times. I think he thought the set was a different scale or something. Bunch of BS. He said he was looking for the 3 missing figures, lol. And wasn’t happy with the purchase??

OOhhhh… I dislike that. I want to scream… “Why are you on eBay buying things you can’t even afford?” If you have to wait for payday to buy stuff, you just need to stay off eBay and online shopping, get your priorities together…

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So basically he bought it for the three figures and then returned the rest. I would tell him he kept the expensive ones and you are only going to return a fraction of the money as a result. Also would it be paying for return shipping on those other three.

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for hamburger I can eat today.


Ummm… no hamburger for you. Now, I got a pile of dishes in the back that need to be washed. If you do those dishes, then you earn a hamburger! :wink:

99% of my people who claim they will pay in a week or so ended-up backing out. I now calmly say I, unfortunately, have it automated where if they don’t pay within 48 hours eBay opens a case for nonpayment, and I can’t do anything about it! Oh well, guess you’ll need to either request I cancel it or get a nonpayment strike.


So. I tried Mercari out and have been very happy so far. Didn’t think I would like it or get sales. Listed 16 items today and sold 4. Have a bunch of watchers on other stuff. Really surprised.

I need to check that out myself.

Sold a bunch of things that I wasn’t able to move on eBay. Most sold higher than my eBay prices.

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Well, eBay’s greed is certainly forcing some migration and I think those other platforms are primed for growth. I’m really thinking about it…I would love to hear how these transactions conclude for you.

Over the holidays, I think I best do some research. Do you reference your eBay handle and/or history of happy customers…or are you essentially a total newbie there?

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On some of the listings I have put I am a 100% positive feedback Power Seller on eBay. But people have asked me how I ship and when I walked them through my shipping process they bought right away. Of the 20 total listings I have done I have sold 6 so far. And that’s like in 2 days.


How are the fees on Mercari?

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I’d also be curious at how they are on INAD type claims or the general scammer fraud compared to ebay. Ebay you can have a mountain of proof of what you sent but if someone claims that PS5 was rocks, you’re losing your money and item.

10% plus a 4% processing fee. So about the same as eBay/PayPal set up.

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As long as you build your feedback and do a good job, you’ll do great with Mercari.
By biggest pet peeve with using Mercari is from a Buyer standpoint…I constantly have transactions cancelled on there.

I don’t even wanna think about selling on Mercari. I’m not a fan of not getting paid until the buyer confirms it’s been received. I’ve bought once on there but that’s it.

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But that is the direction eBay is going to. What I do like is you do not pay for the shipping labels. They are generated for you. You just print them. The downside is I always added the cost of the mailer and bag and board into the shipping costs, so I lose out on that.

Add a $1 on the cost of the listing…

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