eBay Headaches

I have now gone totally free shipping and just raised the prices of all my items by up to $5 in some cases. I think it effects people psychologically too as they see free shipping and are like yea! woohoo! free! and they buy it. Obviously it could be coincidence but I have sold several items in the past few days that no one seemed to be interested in until I switched everything to free shipping.

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Yup, people sometimes will only look at the obvious and not the details… oh, it’s a few bucks more but they got free shipping… yet don’t realize it kind of just balances out to be the same. People love seeing “free” though in any type of purchase… makes it seem like it’s a better deal than it really is… :wink:


You can still ship yourself on Mercari, you just click you’ll do it and they give you the address. Then you can make a PayPal shipping label/Pirateship/Stamps whatever you use. I do that when I send something media mail, like a thick hardcover.

I opened a 2nd checking account with my bank solely for ebay so I don’t mix bill money and comic money. It was definitely easy to manage with paypal as you could just let it sit there. It was hassle free to open the new account and link it to ebay though. I did it all online.

eBay did take a step backwards but I still have the funds within 2-3 business days. I do have some faith that they’ll speed it up or at least give the option to pay a small fee to do an instant transfer like PayPal charged 1% to do. I don’t get them holding the money until it’s delivered. I don’t get to take whatever I like at the store and only pay if I use or eat it. If I order from anywhere online those places have my money before they ship. They don’t send it to me and then charge me when It arrives. That was called COD or cash on delivery and it’s barely/not done anymore.

I do. It’s to ensure and ween out potential scammers.

Businesses who take money online to ship products ordered are normally reputable businesses with a license to conduct business. With an app like Mercari or eBay, anyone can sign up with relative easy fake info, sell a bunch of garbage, get the funds immediately to withdraw before the items arrive and are long gone, with cash in hand. We call these, fly by nighters I think in the old days… it still can happen and I think Mercari does this up front to prevent it for happening.

eBay was a little different as people could build up a reputation. I rarely buy from someone with zero feedback and those that do have zero of very small amount of feedback, I make sure to read before buying to get a little trust out of buying from them. Also, using paypal and eBay, they have seller protections setup (and eBay will likely eat the costs when scams occur). This is just Mercari’s way to build trust to buyers, they hold the money as a neutral 3rd party until the buyer gets what they paid for. It just prevents a bunch of headache.

Unless you’re doing business in person where the exchange happens in real time, that’s all this is per se. Person gets purchased item while you get your cash upon delivery, when it’s in hand. Then everyone is happy.

I’m thinking about using Mercari for some future sales since I don’t like eBay’s new tactics and yes, them having more control over the payments. I think they should still allow sellers to use paypal. It goes beyond them in holding my cash for 3-5 days after the sale in why I’m boycotting sellling on eBay now.


I can understand with new sellers but people who’ve sold hundreds or thousands of items shouldn’t have to wait for their money.

Maybe Mercari is faster once people gain trust as a seller. I don’t know as I’ve invested zero time into looking into all their services, etc.

But then again, I could see some “con” sellers spending the time in selling cheap stuff to gain trust, then do the total scam for a big payday… sell a hundred easy items then list a bunch of PS5 that everyone wants, get the money right away and bam… they’re off living in their vacation homes on some Pacific Island… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Look, these bank transfer fees to unlock my dead husband’s fortune and give you his inheritance since he doesn’t have any living heirs aren’t going to pay for themselves, are they?


The person I bought from had several hundred sales and they still had to wait for me to confirm it was delivered. It actually sat at the post office for an additional week as well. Since COVID and going to overnights for the holidays I only go once a week to the post office. Unless I have sold books those go immediately.

Mercari always has you wait for the buyer to confirm they are happy before you get paid. No matter how many sales you have.

That’s what I figured. But at least this is a policy you know going into and using their services.

I guess one thing that bugged me about eBay is, they’re forcing a change on sellers instead of giving options. Normally such drastic changes don’t go over so well. I know they’ve been warning users for some time but I’m under the impression that Mercari you have options of how you receive payments right?

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You can have your balance go to your bank account over a period of days or do an instant transfer. You can actually have your instant transfer go to any debit card, so if you have a PayPal card you can have it instantly go to that and then you get the money right away in your PayPal account. A clever workaround.

Ah so likely if you got a Paypal card, you have to have Paypal business account… hmmmm…

I have a PayPal business debit card but don’t have a business account, I think? Dunno, they just offered me a card with cashback and I took the offer so I would get money back on purchases that I would’ve used PayPal for anyways.

This case is now closed

Hi Michael,

We reviewed this case and decided to issue the buyer a full refund.
We didn’t receive valid proof of delivery from you. Sellers must provide tracking info showing the item was delivered. Some orders also require signature confirmation. Learn more about our signature confirmation policy.
A refund of US $55.10 was issued on Dec 27, 2020 to the buyer. The refund includes the purchase price plus original shipping.
The refund amount will be recovered from you by eBay.

Well Covid Shipping nightmare drew first blood today. Now what happens to the items I shipped??? I am glad that I had stopped selling. I guess I going to have to switch to UPS or Fedex next year around November.

All my recent auctions a week before Christmas that ended, all the media mail were shipping out faster than the priority packages. I had almost half get delivered on Thursday after dropping off on Monday.

You should enter these buyers’ eBay handle in the appropriate forum as I would certainly block them.


Right here: eBay Seller/Buyer Avoid List

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