eBay Headaches

At least they are honest and say that it is a reprint. I’ll see people posting reprints of stuff that are worth a dollar yet they’re asking hundreds of bucks claiming they are first prints–and there are too many comics where that is the case for it to seem like an innocent mistake as opposed to something malicious.

I passed on one at the small show I went to over the weekend. Didn’t realize it was a $150 Facebook market place banger. I only checked what it was selling for on eBay.

Sold a book yesterday, and after buying shipping, I went in to message the buyer just to let him know it was going out. Noticed the buyer has 0 feedback and the account was created yesterday. I wish I wouldn’t have purchased shipping first, but I didn’t even think about it. What do you all do in this situation? I messaged them asking for some evidence that they are a legit buyer, but I really have no idea what that would even be.

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Everyone has to start somewhere. I’ve sold to 0 FB buyers before without a problem. Unless it’s a high dollar book, I wouldn’t worry about. If it was a big book, then you can cancel the sale, I guess.


I seriously have less trouble with people who have zero feedback or very little feedback than the people who have a ton of feedback.


Agreed. When I was selling Ultimate Spider-man 1 this month I noticed that a large number of my buyers had 0 feedback. Also I would say about 70% of the buyers have never sold anything on ebay, they just buy comics. This was my first clue early on that there’s something special about this title and that it wasn’t being sold to speculators. Some speculators did buy multiple copies of course but the vast majority were readers.

Got all my books shipped out and had 0 issues so far from 0 feedback buyers. In fact thinking back, I’ve never had an issue with a 0 feedback buyers in the past. Had more issues with people who had good standing imo.

You bought the label after they paid for the book right? Payment alone indicates they’re a legit buyer if you ask me. Don’t judge people based on feedback, it’s a joke most of the time on eBay. I also don’t leave feedback on people who buy unless they ask because let’s get real, it doesn’t take much to buy things, anyone with money can buy things.

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All good advice. Thanks. I had a conversation with the buyer and feel confident they are legit.

I just saw something interesting.So I just sold a random Thor comic and the buyer had a 100% rating with a score of 3388 feedback. I clicked on his feedback that he received as a seller and saw that he has never sold a comic, buyer joined in 2003. Don’t know why I clicked on his feedback, must’ve been your post that got me clicking :grin:

Thought that was interesting. I think we as a community are always thinking that something is nefarious going on because we’re so conditioned to seeing it, (CGC scandal, influencers/KCC pumping, bleedingstool with their fake clickbait articles) that we’re forgetting the vast majority of the collecting community are made up of good people who just love to read comics and are buying stuff to fill their runs. They just love the hobby.

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Some people have 2 accounts: one for buying, one for selling. Its dumb.

why would they do that? Is this like for LCSs to have a personal account that’s separate from their business account kinda stuff?

Aside from keeping business and personal separate, I guess they could use one to make offers and buy comics so as to not tip off the seller that they are a reseller who may be getting a deal.

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Feedback is a setting in the control panel. Once you set it, it automatically leaves positive feedback once a buyer does. If they don’t then they don’t get any back. Some people don’t want others knowing who they purchased from. I also don’t typically chase customers out the door of the store to slap a bumper sticker on their cars unless they request it.

Of for f—k sake. Things have been going so well. The guy sent me an offer with a note saying he will pay quickly and then I get this garbage.


Maybe I’m too naive but sounds legit to me. Give the man a break, he had alzahiemers :slightly_smiling_face:

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77 years old and still speculating/buying comics ???


I smell bs


Oh I totally smell BS. Not to mention you have dementia and they are letting you on eBay to buy comics???


It’s so crazy. It has to be legit.

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Oh boy…Can’t pay AND a sob story. It’s a nice chunk of change but cancel and block. It may be legit, but odds are this guy is playing games.

You guys are heartless, absolutely heartless.

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