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Has anyone noticed more and more people are NOT paying after auctions? Recently I’ve had people make an offer, I accept and they never pay. I’m aware this stuff happens all the time but it feels like it has increased significantly. I was curious if anyone else is experiencing this or maybe it is just variance.

Log on to ebay and change your settings for auction bidders. Just google it, will show you step by step, bot bulletproof but it helps

I have not noticed this. But I had two auctions cancelled on me this month after I won them and that has never happened to me.

I hate doing auctions. 99% of what I do on eBay is, “Buy it Now,” with immediate pay required. Saves me a lot of headaches. If I accept a best offer the buyer doesn’t have to pay immediately, but usually if they make an offer they’re eager to pay and get their stuff.

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This has happened to me on a book that ended at $2 plus shipping. They didn’t pay for 3 weeks. I finally told them if no payment is done, then I would opened a dispute with eBay. Within 24hrs, it was paid.

The funny part is that it was a “non-hot book” so they didn’t care to pay. But I bet if it was a hot book, they would be paying for it right away.

I made $0 on this book and lost $3 from my original purchase. But at least I got some $ back. Since I’ve tried before to sell them to a LCS and they only offer a quarter per book (on non hot book) which is a ripoff.

I set mine to auto open non-payment within 3 business days. It’s somewhere in the settings that are ever changing on eBay… I swear, they got 3-4 different looks and UI’s for every single page for your account nowadays…


I need to do that on my auctions. Thanks for the heads up

100% buy it now. I don’t have the time or patience to deal with dead beats,


I Just got an ebay cancellation from a buyer stating they got a better price. what do most of you do in this case. I have an option to accept or reject. this is the first time seeing this.

Reject and tell them that’s not how it works because eBay says the sale is binding. They will lose. You might not get the book but the seller should be punished accordingly!

The BUYER backed out…

Ah… yeah, I totally misread that. Honestly as a seller, just accept and relist. You avoid the headache and hassle.


Agree with poyo, just too much headache to reject the request.

Would you give negative feedback?

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No and you can’t leave negative on buyers anyways. But they don’t get any feedback.

Did you all know that we are getting charged fees for the sales tax portion?

Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong … like REALLY wrong? I’m being charged a fee for an amount that isn’t mine to begin with?


eBay has always tacked on their 10% or whatever on every charge. I recall if you bought the mailing label through them, they tacked on a 10% fee on that as well. So if you bought a $10 USPS label, they got another $1. This is a reason I just don’t use eBay anymore…


Its very WRONG. Ebay is calculating the final value fee by taking a percentage from sold price+shipping cost+sales tax total amount, and then that final fee amount is deducted from the sold price + shipping cost total ONLY.


I’m sure there are very smart people at ebay, but this seems very dumb and irresponsible to me. I’m shocked this hasn’t been the subject of a class action.

I’m sure it’s all detailed in the fine print and TOS everyone agreed to when using their services. Pretty sure they’re covered…

Maybe, but I doubt that is the case. Even if it is, you can’t write away liability with magic words.

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