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I have looked and looked and can’t find the answer I’m looking for. Perhaps I am blind and missed it staring me in the face?

Anyways. I have a copy of Batman 104 1:25 that isn’t selling. I do all my listings for 7 days. I recently had a watcher so I sent an offer (that has expired, he/she didn’t buy). NOW HERE IS MY QUESTION: My listing now shows that he has 19d left and I don’t know why? I never do any longer than a 7d listing. I also don’t know if I will be charged any fees if I cancel this listing due to it not selling. Ebay states a final value fee MAY be charged if you take advantage of their special features. I’m not sure if sending an offer to a potential buyer is considered a special feature?

Thank you for any insight you can offer!

I changed your category to General from For Sale and Trading, since you have questions and aren’t actually selling something on CHU forums. Cheers.

Thanks Poyo,

I wasn’t sure what category you would prefer.

Yeah, the For Sale and Trading is moderated for people who want to actually sell something off the forums or link to their eBay sales, etc (to boost exposure)… :slight_smile:

Sending an offer isn’t a special feature. You should be able to cancel it and relist it with no repercussions or fees.

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It sounds like you normal do 7 day auctions but did this as a ‘buy it now’. If that’s the case the buy it now style is defaulted to stay listed until bought or cancelled but it relists every thirty days. That may be why it says it has 19 days left.

After you send an offer some of the stuff will be locked to editing until the offer expires. Offers are usually 48 hours unless you change it.

Either way you can cancel this with no issues or extra charges.


Thank you @Zeropepp and @ToddW for your knowledge!


Okay, another question for you folks: Are you sticking with eBay or jumping to Mercari / Letgo / Offer Up?

I ask because recently eBay changed their pay out policy and it is annoying and frankly, invasive. If so, how have sales been going for you? I know eBay has a lot larger reach but do you feel like Mercari is creeping up on them?

I’m not even bothering with eBay. I installed the Mercari app but have yet to list anything yet but that’s the route I’m heading. I was able to sneak in a few more listing on eBay (sold some SW Insider #199) as I was initially goofing off to see if it would even let me list them after Jan 1st when they kept saying that was the deadline but apparently now that deadline is today as it keeps popping up and reminding me.

So yeah, so long eBay…

I see ya, I hear ya, and I agree. Going to move my limited sales to Mercari and HOPEFULLY flip to snag a semi-grail book in the future.

As long as eBay lets me stay with PayPal thanks to the loophole that I sell a decent chunk of adult comics and can stay with PayPal for their whole account like others who dabble in certain categories like Adult, Coins/Paper Money, etc.

Unfortunately I am a small time seller, and don’t sell in any of those categories so I won’t get grandfathered in. Oh well.

Start selling raunchy stuff and give eBay a call! It worked for me! It wasn’t even that awkward explaining why I couldn’t list certain comics in the regular section to the eBay lady. Once I just clarified they have topless and nude covers she chuckled.

Does anyone have an actual instance where Ebay took money from their account over a disputed sale?

No, but it it is anything like a disputed charge on a debit or credit card you can bet your hind parts that is exactly what will happen. I learned that when I worked for a small mom & pop tool store.

Anyone look at the Modern SOLD listings to see what people are buying/trending ?


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A guy messaged me on Ebay and made an offer to buy 2 of my listings for 1 total price. It wasn’t an official offer, just an email message. Is there a way I can combine the 2 listings and send him an offer for the agreed amount?

If I can’t combine the 2 listings… is there a way to send him 2 separate offers when he hasn’t made an initial offer?

Do I need him to make an offer on each of the listings and then I can accept it?

You can’t combine two listings into one offer. Have him send you a message from each item. In your eBay Messages, you should be able to respond with an offer to each item’s message.