Ebay Negative feedback

I had a bunch of bad transactions on ebay, ranging from poor packaging, damaged books, canceled transactions and was curious when is it appropriate to leave negative feedback. my last few orders on ebay:

  • the seller placed 4 books in box with peanuts. all the books got nicked up because they were moving around in the box. $435 books
  • seller canceled order on hot book stating inventory issue.
  • book had a stain on the cover which was not disclosed.

Would you leave negative feedback in these cases?

  • Damaged books - return them. You dont need to leave negative feedback.
  • Cancelled order - leave negative feedback, but I dont think you can on cancelled orders.
  • Again, return the book. Dont need to leave negative feedback.
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I always reach out to the seller to give them a chance to resolve the issue before I leave negative feedback.


Yes, what @Zeropepp stated. Always give the sellers a chance.

If they blow you off and or not co-operative, then leave a negative if they truly deserve it.

If they let you return the books or can replace, go that route, then leave feedback or neutral if you feel they didn’t really go out of their way to fix the problem. Until they really screw you over, never leave negative.

I always reach out to the sellers first however none of these books have the option of being returned. and in each case the seller apologies however no other action is done. one of the seller suggested i buy more of his books at a better price.

How come the books cant be returned ?

Oh, those can be returned if they did not arrive as described. Trust me, even when I’ve checked off the “no returns accepted” it warns me that items can still be returned if they do not fit the description.

If the seller refuses, nows the time to open a Paypal/Credit Card dispute… if the seller still tries to avoid responsibility, you can still get your money back and then leave a negative.

thanks for the suggestion. i will try to return the books on the basis the books dont meet the description.

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I have never left negative feedback until recently. Reached out to the seller. Was like start a return. I work from home since Covid started and don’t have a printer. So the fact the seller wasn’t helpful with the return when asking about it, bugged me. Especially since it took forever to get here, which I know USPS delays so not mad. But the way they were packaged was so unacceptable. Having to wait for the return to arrive on damaged books that never should have happened, to get my refund, tipped me over the edge. I mainly left the feedback like I did to hopefully prevent future buyers from dealing with the same. If you’re going to sell comics, you can’t ship them in a flimsy bubble package with no bags, boards, or protection. If you have 100% feedback, sell comics as part of your hustle, you have to know better. So, hopefully now they do. Was it easy, hell no but I had to do it. I gave the opportunity to correct, offer replacements, etc. but nope. Don’t make me go out of my way on your f up and expect roses and kittens.

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It doesn’t matter if they have no returns. If the items you ordered arrived not as described, like damaged in shipping they are forced to accept returns.

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I’ve never left negative eBay, Mercari, or Etsy feedback yet. When I’ve had issues sellers have resolved them. I would leave negative feedback if it were called for, however.

You definitely contact the seller before leaving negative. As well you can return any item if it comes damaged or not as described. Regardless of whether they accept returns or not.

I had a book come in damaged. Contacted the seller with no response. Negative or not. I am all about leaving a negative.

Yeah, I’d say if there’s no response withing 24 hours, during business hours, that could almost be enough to lead to leaving a negative. I’d probably wait 48 hours though myself…