eBay not sending offers

Ok here is a new issue I haven’t seen before. I have an item up for sale at $130. I received 6 offers that expired on 9/3 for $115. Would have gladly taken it. Problem is the app never displayed I had offers and never got an email. Offers are on with no minimum. Anyone ever seen this before?

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No, I’ve been getting my offers and counter offers just fine.

Yes happened to me several times. Sent feedback to Ebay and even put a notes in some of my listings that i respond to all offers and DM If you want to discuss an offer.

Same situation, no minimum offer listings and i would’ve taken the offer.

I checked all my listings and several had offers I would have taken that I never saw.

Is it possible that you have restrictions on who can buy from you? I have minimum 5 positive feedback and no selling if someone has already bought a few of the same book.

However, I’ve never actually checked to see if i was receiving offers from those ne’er do wells…

No, they all had feedback, I allow zero feedback buyers as they need a place to start. One more thing, the didn’t even have messages on the eBay message center. So it is very odd. I need to see if they were all from the same buyers or something else funny going on.


I don’t do best offers….I find I get approximately an 80% dead beat buyer rate….

Not that this helps you and your situation in any way…

I think it depends in part on the seller. I know for some sellers, their asking price is their best price. For me, I find best offer helpful for books I have sitting around for awhile and/or the person makes me an offer 5-10 dollars lower than my asking price. In a case like this someone might not have been willing to buy it or bid at my asking price but at a couple dollars lower which is okay with me. This way I don’t miss out on a sale and someone gets a decent deal. Everyone walks away happy.