Ebay Pictures :)

Maybe… you know, take better pictures when selling your comics on ebay…just sayin…


Personal hygiene and general physical awareness is not a strong suit of the comic-collecting kind.


oh dear lord :face_with_spiral_eyes:


need a link, im putting a bid in for the beer gut cosplay /s


Will you guys please stop scrutinizing my eBay listings please. I was drunk and on the toilet in my motel room when I put them up.


He’s not kidding! I watched from his window!

That was you? That is what I get for leaving the blinds open on my first floor motel room, and the door. And the bathroom door. And the sign saying please come in.

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Oh man, remember what we witnessed in NYC at NYCC in 2019 from our hotel room one morning before the convention?

…what did you see?

Once you see it, it cannot be unseen

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Trust me. Once you see it you can’t unsee it.

It was CHUDS, huh? I bet it was CHUDS.

No. They were certainly not underground dwellers. Humanoidal certainly. Canabilistic possibly. One may have been eating something at one point.

So we got up and got ready for the con. We are looking out the window checking the weather and taking in the city. Me, Poyo, and Tyson B from Toy Box One. We see some people up on the roof of another building (or was it through the window that part escapes me) going full doggy style across the street.

Oh, is that all…From someone born and raised there, welcome to NY. BYOL. Bring your own Lysol.

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It was an apartment across the street from the hotel.

Directly across from our window. But the twist was, we thought it was a guy going to town on a gal but when they were done, it was another dude that popped up out of view…

I purposefully left that part out.

Anthony and Poyo be like,

“Dude…this is so hot!….wait a second…”

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Well for a while we thought he was all alone doing his thing…