Ebay sales to military onboard ships

I sold 3 Avengers comics on Ebay yesterday and the address was something I’d never seen before. It had the person’s name and then PSC + number and then Box + number and the final was FPO AP + number. After packing the package to send out and trying to print a shipping label each time it said SOMETHING WENT WRONG AND WE WERE NOT ABLE TO GENERATE THE LABEL. After several times of trying both last night and today I called EBAY and the person I talked to said they no longer deliver packages to these types of addresses as she told me it was a rolling ship, at least that’s what I think she called it. Yet that was the address that came up when it was time to print the shipping label so I am wondering if anyone here has had any dealings with selling to military people onboard a “rolling ship” and what I would need to do. Is it as simple as just take it to the local post office and pay a little more to ship it or is there more involved. I was sending it economy shipping anyway so it might take a while for them to get it and then they may complain to Ebay about it taking so long to get there. You learn something all the time when dealing with Ebay and their policies. Thanks for any information and your experiences with this type of shipping to someone on board a ship.

eBay is worthless… just gonna have to goto post office to get the proper mail label.

And not that you’re obligated to do the same as I but sounds like active duty member, I’d drop the shipping charges as a thank you if I ever came across someone on a ship or on active military base address. :slight_smile:

Well first I would ask the buyer if there was an alternate address you could use. If not I would call or go into the post office and see what they say. Or even just check the USPS website first for any info. I have never dealt with that issue so not sure what to do but those are the steps I would take if it was me

I think you still need a customs form for the APO, not sure if this is correct. If so there should be a spot when doing the label that ask for you to fill out the customs form.


Starting August 13, 2020 anyone sending a package with an APO, FPO, or MPO Zip Code™ in the return address will need to create a customs form online, or fill out PS Form 2976-R before visiting a retail counter for the clerk to create the label.

I guess the best thing will be to take it to the local post office and see what they say I’ll have to do as Ebay was absolutely no help at all, which is usually the case! I don’t want to dissappoint anyone serving our country so I will try my best to get the comics to him. Thank you for all the feedback!

Don’t worry too much about timeliness of delivery either. Any military person I know also fully understands that timeliness of mail while deployed isn’t typical. Mail to just a typical base isn’t a big deal…but while on ship or a forward base…you get it when you get it.

Frankly, this post brings back memories…I was a big fan of comics back when I served. I was on ship and deployed to combat zones frequently. I would receive care packages of comics and initially took a bit of razzing…but I can tell you that everyone of the comics I received were ultimately read by just about very Marine and Corpsman I served with. Same with books.

Back then, the Sears Christmas Wishbook had comic bundles…my mother sent me a rather good sized bundle one time from them and aside from care packages of jerky and gummi bears…it was the best one I received.

I was also a member of the Science Fiction book club at the time…those were also fun deliveries. I distinctly recall receiving the hardcover trade of Watchmen…that also was read by everyone on board.

Thank you for doing what you need to in order to get that service member their comics. I’m sure it will be appreciated.


When did you serve? It was the Sears Comic Collectors bundles that got me collecting back in 83/84. (Also thanks for your service)

As for the APO, eBay cannot handle it because it does need a customs form. Try using USPS.com. I think I did my last shipment that way. If not, yeah, take it to the post office and throw a free book in for reading.

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Thanks, Anthony! That sounds like a good idea to me. I may send two or three extra in case some of his buddies like comics too.

I was in from 88-94. No thanks required, but certainly appreciated.
You know, I specifically recall one of the comics in that pack being Xmen #266…I remember it as it actually wasn’t that great of a comic despite Gambit’s first now looking back. Those packs were fun though.
My parents were Sears Wishbook fanatics. I received just about all my stuff via that catalog…especially Star Wars toys back 77-80ish.

I have a very cool “The Hobbitt” book and record set from Sears. Had a big poster, 2 LPs, Tattoos, etc…based off the Rankin and Bass Cartoon. I love that to this day. Still listen to it from time to time even.

It would be interesting to note if there are some unopened Sears comic boxes/mystery packs like those we received still floating around? I’m sure there are.

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Military address. Just take it to the post office with wverything printed in the label and ask for postage due, or use paypal. It will get to the person.

And i agree with others, active military gets free postage from me as well. My grandfather and dad served.

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Thanks for all the great information. I was able to go to the USPS.COM website as Anthony suggested and create the shipping label with the customs declarations and everything on the label and paid for it with my credit card so it was not that hard to do, just something I had never had to do before. Again thanks to everyone for their help and this is a great site to visit with lots of knowledge to share and many helpful insights on anything dealing with comics and much more. I don’t comment a lot but I visit this site several times a day just to read and keep up with all that’s happening in the comics and pop culture fields. Thank Again!


I’ve mailed to APO addresses but never a, “Rolling ship.” I never thought about that. Fascinating to consider!

What about printing a label using Pirate Ship and then adding the tracking number to the auction? I don’t know if you will have a problem printing out the label there. You get the discount on shipping there too.

What is pirate ship? I am intrigued

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Thanks for being here Mike. Glad you are here. Glad I could help out as well.

It is a shipping service where you print out your labels like on eBay or PayPal. You get the same discount as on eBay or PayPal. I started using this when I send packages to CGC or any private sales. I have been using it since last year with no problems.

That’s just what the female rep from Ebay called it but I have talked to him by email now and he is not on a ship but is retired Military,10 years Marines,10 years Army, now a civil servant for the Marines. He said that he and his family are located in Okinawa and reading and collecting comics has given him and his 10 year old son a better way to share adventures together is the way he stated it.

Well this made me very happy this morning. This is indeed a great place and I love to hear there are still good people out there!

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I’ve heard about pirateship. I just use Paypal’s shipping generally but maybe should explore other options.

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