Ebay Sellers

I am an ebay seller, have been for years, 100% rating. Hell some of you may have bought from me. no idea.

This is something I would NEVER do, and I would like to think the majority of people would know better.

If you are selling a comic book, or magazine on ebay (or anywhere for that matter) please don’t stick it in an envelope and expect it to make it to it’s destination in the same condition it left in. What’s even worse is when you spend thousands and ask the seller to make sure it is securely packaged, and they still stick it in an envelope basically saying screw you.

Ugh people…


It’s unconscionable to me how folks either don’t care and/or don’t know what they’re doing.
Which I guess, on the positive side, is why those that DO know what they’re doing are the successful ones in life. They pay attention to everything and learn and care.

We all make mistakes, but I have a general rule that I have maintained for quite some and that is half the people we come across in life are idiots. I’ve seen nothing to disprove that assertion. And sending THAT issue of Playboy, as is, in a Mailer just helps confirm


Also just a heads up, I placed two orders recently and had to contact Paypal and my CC company to get refunded on the purchases because the seller simply took the money and apparently felt that was all they had to do.


They never shipped the items, and refused to reply to emails. Just letting you folks know, so you are aware.


Yeah, there are the “screw you” types out there for sure. More often than not, it is ignorance and laziness. Those two combined spell disaster for an easily damaged collectible going through the mail. I should just accept it but I still have trouble with how dumb some people truly are. They just don’t seem to get it and never will.

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I bought a Bronze Age magazine I had been wanting for a while. They taped it to a cereal box and put it in a Manila envelope. When I say taped it to it, I mean right to the cover in no bag. When I was opening it it pulled the tape across the entire cover ruining the book. The seller ended up refunding the money and telling me to keep it. As a little extra F-u I insisted on shipping it back to them at their expense. This was years ago though.


Yeah we all have horror stories in relation to packaging. I can confirm there’s such a thing as too much bubble wrap. Has anyone started a packaging books thread yet? Someone should if it hasn’t been.


Someone in that 50th percentile just opened the Emergency escape hatch while a plane was mid-air flying.
Darwin isn’t working for humans


@agentpoyo did a while back on the main site. If you search it, it might still be there.

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Welcome to the forum and thank you for that interesting post! I’m sorry your first post is about something so distressing though!

For my non-slabbed books and magazines, I post a picture of the shipping materials I use (Gemini mailer) so they don’t have to ask about how I ship.

But 99.9% of sellers of magazines/comics do not do this. So if I’m concerned about how the item will be shipped in contact them ahead of time.

If they dont get back to me, I move on.

If they say the wrong thing (I put it between to pieces of cardboard and bubble wrap!”), I move on.

Chances are if they don’t post or say the right thing, they do the wrong thing.

My recent purchases have shipped so poorly / haphazardly that id actually LOVE to hear a comic between 2 pieces of cardboard.

Thatd be 100% improvement! :grin:

Had a unique ebay experience recently…after waiting 18 days for a book supposedly shipped…I say it in that frame of mind due to tracking said it hadn’t moved since day 1…I asked the seller to check into the situation.

This was the response…
“If the item is lost in transit, then you need to file a claim with the USPS. Seller has ZERO control of packages once accepted by the postal service. Don’t take food out of my children’s mouths because someone else did their job incorrectly.”

It was for a less than $20 purchase…I have blocked the seller…

Does eBay typically side with the buyer in these situations?

I had a package scanned as “delivered in mail box” this week and it was not in my mail box. And it was also tracked as out for delivery from my local PO. It’s not uncommon for my packages to get delivered to a neighbor, and each time it actually arrives within a day or two. This one took nearly a week.

But started to think “what can I do if it never shows up? Tracking says it’s here.”

It was a $10 book anyway, but it did finally appear.

Yeah I would have filed a claim with eBay and got paid back. Let him handle it with USPS, if it was even insured.

Yep definitely file a claim with ebay and save a copy of all your emails and/or take screenshots. If that fails, file with your CC (always use a CC to buy so that you can go through them if all else fails) and show them the proofs of your attempt to resolve. I’ve never had any problems eventually getting the CC to refund me, even if ebay fails me.