Ebay sucks

Wasn’t sure where to put this one and for some reason I can’t find a similar topic (which surprises me), but ebay really sucks!

So I recently made a sale of multiple books and because we couldn’t get a combined invoice generated (I can never figure out how to turn that function on), buyer paid individual shipping for all of them. I issued a partial refund and expected ebay to refund me the pro rata share of the fees. They didn’t. I reached out to them and asked why not, and the response was “I can see We took the fees on the total amount of the sale including shipping. Even though you have refunded the buyer, we do not credit final value fees in that case.” I went through several more people to no avail. Real idiots over there.

So bottom line, they’re collecting fees on money I rightfully returned to the buyer! This is really outrageous to me. It amounts to maybe just a few bucks, but this to me is an unconscionable business practice.

For you regular sellers out there, make sure to turn on the function to have buyer ask for a combined invoice or you’ll get stuck with paying unjustified fees.


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