Ebay transaction. Has this ever happened to anybody?

I recently purchased an omega men #3 1st lobo of of ebay and decided to get it slabbed. The book came back qualified with a missing page. I generally dont count the pages of a $50 book.

i emailed the ebay seller, with no response.

do most of you check the page counts for low priced book.

I do not count the pages of most lower priced books. I typically will look over the front and back covers, open the front cover to inspect the page quality, do a general flip through the pages while checking the staples in the middle. Coincidentally, my OM3, that I bought off of eBay, came back as a 8.0 because of rusty staples, that I didn’t check for, and is subsequently the reason why I always check the staples now. :man_shrugging:

It’s possible the buyer didn’t know either. I know I didn’t inspect all the comics I buy thoroughly. I sold a Spawn comic I had bought from someone else and I got neutral feedback- which I take as an issue personally. I had noted all the tics and bends I saw, but didn’t realize some of the inside pages were ‘dirty’. A learning experience for me. Now I do inspect comics more thorough just so I can make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.

Never happened, but counting pages is one of the things 3rd party graders do first.

I don’t even know where to find the number of pages of a particular book if I did count them. I assume it’s pretty standard number for books like Marvel and DC, but likely not all books.

So even though I don’t do it either, it’s a simple check everyone should do before sending in a book.

Sorry to hear that, Brah. Lesson learned the hard way. Also another reason I rarely buy comics raw over $30.

On older books I always check the pages for anything missing. Whether it’s making sure all the pages are there and no cutouts. Along with page quality, staples not rusty and firmly attached, tears, etc.

Back in the day when you got your book signed, it got signed on the inside. So I also check for signatures as well as any famous people in letter columns.

On newer or lower priced books I’m nowhere near as thorough. I’ll make sure it’s got a digital copy if applicable and a real quick cursory glance at a few pages.

I guess I just expect all the pages to be in a newer book and it seems quite a few of us cut corners when it comes to checking. I feel like there’s a greater chance of me doing damage to check the page count than there is for a book actually missing pages.

I used to be much more thorough with all my books for a silly reason as well. As a kid and teenager it’s where I hid my cash. No one touched my books so it was the perfect spot. So I figured maybe other people did the same. Never did find any cash in comics though.

I just remembered and I just burnt down a tree so I’m gabby. About a year ago got some newsstand Captain America comics from a guy in California and there was some cannabis inside one.

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On new books I look at the front, back, and staples. On investment or older books I’ll look at every page. I inspect every book I order from ebay, because there are so many crooks on there. I’ve purchased two separate Futurama #1 books that had damage/writing in the interior, Nightmares on Elm Street #1 with rusted staples, and Green Arrow #1 with damage due to printing. They were all listed as NM. These sellers always want me to send the cheap books back until I ask them for a return label, since it wasn’t my fault.

agree it’s possible the seller may also not have known but i would have appreciated a response.

lesson learned, i will check the pages, especially if i am getting the book slabbed.

I will flip through most books printed before 2000 to see if there are no coupons missing. I got in the habit of that by making sure no Marvel Stamps were missing with Bronze age Marvels. So far over the years I have been shipped two comics with missing stamps where the seller claimed they didn’t know.

Sorry about the Omega Men #3. There is a chance the seller may not have even known. Since it was sent in an graded a pretty good amount of time as gone by. You may not get the response you want from the seller. Good thing is, this didn’t cost you tons of money. If the Qualified grade is high enough you may be able to recoup maybe half your total costs give or take and put it toward a complete copy.

the book came back cgc 9.4. but with the missing page, this book cant be worth more and 10 bucks.

Naw you can get $50 for that just not on eBay probably

This has happened to me twice on a first iron fist and hulk 181 both listed as having MVS the hulk 181 was too frail to open and check so that just got sent to the graders for its 1.0. A Hulk 181 fair copy with a missing mvs is not incomplete since 1.0s allow for cutouts and missing coupons in its grade range so didn’t really mess with me. Its a 1.0 normal blue label that says missing value stamp. I didn’t even know 1st Iron Fist had a MVS to check when I sent it in it came back a 7.0 incomplete which actually sold the first 12 hours I listed it. Covered half the costs for my 8.5 cgc complete I replaced it with.

Yeah…Probably not. Maybe a 9.8 would have brought some return… Well, again not a loss that will make or break ya. Use it for a display piece. Still looks good in the case.

I typically don’t count the pages but I do usually check if it’s got the MVS if I know it’s got one.

This happened to me a while back. I had just sold a book for 3x what I paid for. Something told me to check the book and there you go. 6-8 pages had rips. The crazy thing was that it was a new modern book and you couldn’t tell it had the pages like that till you opened the book. I contacted the buyer and cancelled the order.

I am tempted to buy that book from you, crack it out and sell it raw to someone I intensely dislike. :thinking: