Echo spinoff for Disney+

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Daredevil #9 and Daredevil #10 are on fire already. Gonna raise the value of my comic portfolio even more

I hope it’s true. I like Echo as a character, and as a hero that reaches multiple groups of people who traditionally don’t have a lot of heroes that represent them.

And David is genuinely one of the nicest people in the industry, so more success for him is also great.

At least I doubled my money on that and at least it was an extra copy so no regrets

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I’ve said he is the nicest creator I ever met at a con, and I’ve met some nice folk!

I just noticed prices had jumped on daredevil #9 & 10. This explains why. I guess a could pull out a few directs and newsstands and list them. Saving the other copies when Hawkeye drops.

I think this is a very strong hold. Bringing this character to the screen is a big deal. It will be heavily covered in the media when it hits. It’s a fantastic thing for the Deaf community/Deaf children.
I can’t imagine they won’t do a fantastic job with it.
I love the casting as well.
You have time to grade them even.


Gonna find me a reasonable #9 and #10 and grad them while they can grade at the Modern level…

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She’s the new phoenix.

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I knew that once I matched the silhouette to the Avengers #44 design variant.

I’m still waiting on someone to buy my daredevil 9 Newsstand Direct Editions along with a newsstand of New Avengers 11. They’ll definitely go up closer to each shows premiers.

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What was the price for the #9 newsstand and would you do a deal here off of eBay? We could PM about it!

The ship sailed obviously on #9, #10, but I feel like there are other really nice Echo books and covers that seem to always be left behind. Not saying pay big, but these are great covers.
Actually, #53 is pretty integral to her as a character. Tells the story of Echos dad (Crazy Horse) and his death via Kingpin.

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55 is my fav Echo cover. I sold all my raw Echo comics including 10 when the Disney+ show was announced.

I have a few #9 9.8s that I’m holding for when a trailer hits.

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Echo shot from the set! I’m really excited for this.


An article with some more Twitter links of set pics fwiw

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I think it’s be great if Daredevil played by Charlie Cox showed up at some point.

Pretty nice Daredevil #10 Newsstand available. I’m sure it won’t last long.

They messed up using Flag Smasher now they can’t put the handprint on Echo without causing a bunch of confusion to the non comic collecting masses.

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What does the handprint even mean for the Flag smashers ?