Eight Billion Genies

Midtown has #1 for $1.80 each… if you’re inclined to grab a few issues.

TFAW doesn’t have them cheap but do have most of them and some of the ratios still.

the preview and 1:50 will be the big ones, maybe the van special they did to

TFAW claims to have 1 left of the 1:50.

and cover A is sold out on Midtown…

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The CHU effect is in effect! :stuck_out_tongue:


Might be time to list my preview signed by the creators. Of course, the problem is, it’s pretty cool. And the story is good so far. I guess that’s why it’s wise to buy two.

FOMO… Geez!

It’s only got optioned, there’s a likely 99% chance it’ll likely never get made. :wink:

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amazon has been better than most in making the things they option

That is true. They also have a shit ton of money too which usually helps!


Still waiting for The Kaiju Score to be made.

Netflix used to make almost anything. Nowadays they are a bit more cautious with funds.

They have to be. The only thing they offer is streaming services to subscribers. Amazon makes all it’s money on all the other products and services they offer. You pay for prime to get free shipping and you get the streaming services as a bonus…

Found these off the shelves just now from a shop that I knew had them. Brought them to the counter and the guy started being cheeky with me. “You’re going to read all that?” :roll_eyes:

Off to Ebay we go!


Got a bunch of instant sales. Might have to bump up my price. I do not want to sell them all.

Still on shelf and he cares that he’s selling “inventory”? Geez…


isnt this a sequel to curse words ?

Same creative team but it is its own thing, I’m 99% sure.