El Rey Comics Mystery Box

Back in the summer, El Rey Comics offered a Momoko mystery box. Below is the description:

For $50 + shipping, I figured, why not? I wasn’t expecting anything major. I tempered my expectations to decent books with a lucky chance. Well, after months of waiting, here are the results:

Mystery boxes live up to their name, no matter what. Oh well. The annoying part is that the original listing promised that the boxes were ready to go, but instead, they waited until books from a few weeks ago were released to fill orders.

If you like the rush of mystery boxes, power to you, but I wanted to let others know that this is another “Don’t go chasing mystery boxes”.

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El Rey comics is on here so maybe they will comment. Was there anything in there that justify a the $50 price?

I did a Mystery boxes of 5 Marvel comics once on eBay for $10.00. I got one West Coast Avengers #45, 1st White Vision. I also did a couple of others and got trash. I got away from buying any of those.

The only mystery boxes I have been pleased with were the Skybound ones they did with the red foil, “Negan Lives,” and they’ve got a Halloween one they’ll be doing that looks cool. Besides the red foils, there are plenty of other cool things. Otherwise, I avoid mystery boxes nowadays.

Nothing really. Although 10 comics total does come out to $5/comic which is roughly what they’re worth.

I suppose I did get exactly what I paid for, but I could’ve easily gotten these books at my LCS.

Yeah man. For the same price I bought this box, I could’ve gotten the Skyward box which had way better overall value.


So if its 10 books. They pay less than cover at about $25-30 a box charge you $50 make $20 a box and get rid of some unwanted books. Not bad.

Mystery boxes and bags are an old retailer trick to sell the stuff nobody was buying… it’s just a gimmick to get rid of stock so it doesn’t sit longer on your shelves.

Now, If you know what you want, avoid. But ff you’re new to comics (or whatever you’re collecting or reading), mystery grab bags might introduce you to something you might not have picked up and then end up liking…


Of course

I haven’t had a mystery box pay off in awhile, they usually end up being basement sales. Especially the ones that Funko do at the end of the year. Yet, i still order them from time to time lol

Skybound boxes were pretty good. JScott Campbell mystery boxes can be good as well, but his prices keep creeping up

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Have you seen his wife? He has to keep her happy… :wink:


That’s true! poor guy lol

Generally I’ve found for most things (comics, posters, etc.) if you get it straight from the creator, mystery boxes can be great because they actually care about making fans happy, and will have one or two of some random things they can’t sell otherwise (or don’t want to create a listing for if they have one copy left). Mystery boxes or items from retailers, galleries, or sellers are just junk they couldn’t write off.


Direct from creators yes, they actually put thought and actual work into theirs for sure.

But yes, most mystery boxes are just junk they can’t sell on their own. Honestly, you lose a little bit of class if you do mystery boxes… perhaps that shit flies at rundown sketchy looking Flea Markets but I’d steer clear of any retailer shop mystery box…

same with the comic cons. creators are okay, but avoid those mystery box booths. Every box I have seen get opened is filled with clearance toys and collectibles.

there are 3 ratios, one unknown exclusive and a thor store exclusive momoko. retail on those alone are worth more than the 50 dollars paid. some people got lucky and got signed momoko copies and some even got a few graded and signed copies.

Retail is not wholesale nor fair market value.

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Retail price is “relative” for sure…

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