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Anybody here playing Elden Ring, or any veteran Souls gamers here?

Ive been playing Elden Ring for the past month, and it is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Bottom line. Im a Souls noob, and I almost gave up after a week or so of getting my ass kicked by simple Godrick Soldiers and their stupid dogs. But, I persevered, learned the game and all of its mechanics (probably not all) and am starting to ‘get gud’.

The game is full of secrets and such, so thought maybe some players could share any cool info they may find on their journey as a maidenless Tarnished traveling in the Lands Between.

This short video sums up my first few weeks of playing this difficult, challenging game.


I tried Elden Ring for about an hour too frustrating for me. Horizon Forbidden West was one of the best games I’ve played in awhile and beat that.

I’ve been playing it for awhile but I’m a big souls player. The games are amazing once you get past the beginning and how hard they are. I love them all. Still think blood borne is the best but Elden Ring is awesome and huge.


Always been a fan of Souls games - finished Elden Ring last week. Took some 110+ hours - all very enjoyable. Not going back through NG+ though.


I had the same initial experience. But, once you learn the steep curve of the game, it is by far the most enjoyable gaming experience ive had since the early days of PS1 when I was a teenager. I would highly recommend the investment into learning the game. Its simply like no other, imo. :beers:


I almost never replay a game. I typically do a once through, and try to be as thorough as possible in that one play through. Im about 90 hours in, and Ive just beat Rennala, the 2nd boss. Ive explored…a lot.

I have the game sitting here still in the shrink wrap. I finally finished the current content for Final Fantasy XIV and then they released new content a week later. I swear I cannot catch up to that game for the life of me.

I also am about 35% through the first Horizon game, and just haven’t had time to beat that one either. Someday maybe…most likely my kids will be grown up and playing it before I get to open it.


This game looks so good. I just find myself never revisiting games when expansions come out. I’ll just wait for the complete edition in the future like the other Souls games. I’m trying to go through my backlog and play the games leaving gamepass. My backlog is crazy big.


This game doesn’t need an expansion. Its Massive as is, and has at least 4 secret (not required to beat the game, or required to even visit), massive unto themselves, locations, on top of the enormous world map. :beers:

Never liked the souls games. Saw elden ring trailers and liked what I saw. Then it was a souls game, and said nope.

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They are definitely an acquired taste

What Souls games did you play that made you feel the way you do?

All of them. Mainly 1 and 3. The covers are what sold me lol. They look so badass. Last I tried was the remaster of 1 on ps5. Couldn’t make it past the second dungeon with the dragon on the bridge. I made it to the boss once, and died. If it had checkpoints I’d be happy. Those aren’t a big deal to have. They really do punish the player though. So kudos to all who can play them and enjoy them

Elden Ring is different in the sense that there are hundreds of checkpoints throughout the world. Almost too many, lol. This game is punishing in its game play, but, your progress is easily saved so you dont lose everything when you die, and die again, and again…

I’ll try it when it’s free or really cheap lol. The losing everything really was a setback for me in the other souls games.

I’m ok with this…the other souls game were too punishing for me to enjoy as an adult who is not as good at video games as he used to be…

This is my first Souls game. I wouldn’t have enough time to play a game where your progress can’t be saved, like the old TMNT game for NES.


That TMNT game….I think I passed the water level once lol

I own that game for NES. I bought it about 6 years ago to see just how hard it really was. Its hard. :man_shrugging:

Y’all see the TMNT Cowabunga Collection? I already preordered :slight_smile: