Enhanced Covers Over the Years

I have to admit, Blind Adam over at the Main CHU site got me to thinking about the History of what has been done with some books in an attempt by Publishers to sell more … Adam mentioned MAXX #1 Glow in the Dark …

One of the things that really started the craze was the Death of the Newsstand Comic … publishers no longer had to worry about returns for credit … thusly, more experimentation began / paper quality improved, etc …

Take a trip down Memory Lane with me and add what you can think of … no fair Googling, just do it off your own Brain …

Superman: The Man of Steel #30 … which came with Colorform type stickers / Different Supermans, Lobo, etc … it was known as the DIY cover … kids loved it … of course, it was polybagged …

Magnor #1 in the early 90’s had a Pop Up cover, which was pretty sweet … also polybagged … and really Lampooned the Speculator Market …

Jab #3 had actual an bullet hole shot through it … and, it cost more for the “Variants” where a larger caliber gun was used … no kidding …

I’ve seen a 1st Justice League with a bullet hole through it.

Because of Customer Dissatisfaction or Intentional DC hype … ?? :astonished:

The guy was cleaning his gun and it went off shooting a stack of comics including the brave and the bold #28.

Cleaning loaded guns in your comic room is not recommended by the Comic Book Authorities.

Cleaning loaded guns in general is not generally a good idea… :wink:

Lets take it a step further. Owning guns is not a good idea. The only thing a gun was designed to do is destroy/take life. What a useless item, in todays society.

I support the right to :bear::teddy_bear::bear::teddy_bear::bear::teddy_bear::bear::teddy_bear::bear: arms… :slight_smile:

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First Foil Enhanced Cover … ??

First Die-Cast Cover … ??

First Hologram Cover … ??

First Glow in the Dark Cover … ??

First Lenticular Cover … ??

While I obviously can’t stop anyone from using Mr/Ms Google, from memory would be great … you don’t necessarily have to be right … :vulcan_salute:

First one I recall buying myself was Bloodshot #1.

That was a hot book for a time …

You mean ‘bear arms’, right?

Yes, I was too lazy to go google searching…

Theres a great Family Guy bit on the ridiculousness of the wording in that US constitutional right.

First lenticular is the return of Superman after Death I think. First hologram I want to say goes to Robin series. First Die Cast is a Lady Death Book, first bejeweled cover is Lady Death or La Muerta, First Glow in the Dark is Ghostrider I think. First Foil enhanced are the SDCC Rebirth #1s

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I think the Valiant ones are called Chromium as well as the old image stuff and Marvel Chromium Classics like the Spider-Man and X-men ones. I think the Spidey beats them all release wise.

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I don’t know why I had Spectre in my brain as the first Glow … and I also kept thinking about that Wolverine with the die-cast Claws across the cover …

Wolverine #50 would be first die cut I think, die cast are made out of metal comic covers and pretty sure Brian Pulido was first with those

ASM #400 is a weird one too embossed tombstone I don’t even know what to call it.

I think it’s just referred to as that… embossed.