Entertainment Earth Figure Drops

He chose poorly:


Love it!
What I just can’t understand is how Hasbro can do such cool/exciting/new things with their lines like Indy and GI.JOE, but can’t seem to manage the same with Star Wars.

The new GI JOE classified figures they are putting out are absolutely perfect. Exactly the figures fans want and are asking for! I’m so excited by them. Amazing detail and accessories, etc. Same with this Indy line.

Yet with Star Wars…and all of the possibilities we get rehash after rehash and re-sculpts, variations of Boba Fetts, multi color Retro figures???

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It’s easy money. Use same models with slight variations cuts production costs, consumers continue to buy. It’s like variants for comics, same damn comic, different cover yet consumers gotta have more than one or all of them… when they should just buy the one they like the most.

You can also visit the Drop Zone Page for more drops… Use Code FREESHIP59 for orders over $59 for free domestic shipping.