Erica Slaughter origin in Issue 9?

I read Something is Killing the Children #9 that came out today. I don’t want to post the 2 full pages, because I don’t know the rules on that. For those who read it, I was wondering if that would be considered her origin in this issue?

Small clips and or pics are protected under the Fair Use Copyright act. If you post the entire comic… that’s frowned upon.

yes its her origin, the incentive is also the first cover of Aaron.

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Ok, thanks. Here are clips of the panels:

Sweet. I was going to get the incentive but my lcs was charging $75 for it.

2nd print sold out fast.

I tried to snag 2nd but couldn’t get it. Got the new one today.

Where do you all see the info about a 2nd print?

Sold out everywhere. Issue #7. Example:

Ah I thought you meant a second printing for issue 9. That one isn’t out until next week. My LCS ordered it for my pull list.