Eternals Thanos Movie Theory

Eternals is out on Disney plus and I just heard a great theory that is pretty cool. What if the Avengers caused the events that took place in the Eternals Movie by undoing Thanos’ snap? What if Thanos was the hero of Endgames and the Avengers were the villains?

So if you have seen the movies the Avengers and Thanos are referenced in it. At one point, Dane asks why the Eternals didn’t help fight Thanos. We know Thanos is an Eternal himself with some Deviant mixed in. So Thanos would also either not know about his history, or actually know and his drive to cut the Earths population in half would prevent the Celestial from being born, as the earth’s population would not be close to the magic number starting the events of the Eternals movie. So when the Avengers undid the snap, returning the missing half of the population to return, the set off the chain of events allowing for the celestial to be born.

So there you go, Thanos was the hero of Avengers Endgame, and the Avengers were the unwitting villains.


Its a decent theory BUT the flaws in Thanos’ motivations is that eventually the population would re-populate to pre-snap numbers. It would take a long while, but it would happen… it would be "inevitable ". So essentially the celestial would have been born anyways, so if the Avengers never undid his snap the birthing would have only been delayed not halted. What’s a few hundred years to a celestial? 5 minutes?

Thanos could have doubled land mass and resources across the universe, and have then continue to double as needed, but he didn’t.

Thanks may be more of an immediate gratification kind of guy, make the snap now, and worry about the rest later, since he is also an eternal time means nothing to him, no perhaps, he could keep on snapping.

But he destroyed the gems. He was a one and done snapper.

Good point.

I’ve always wondered if the snap was necessary. Like, is that how you “activate” the Infinity Gauntlet, or can you just “will” it into being and eliminate the snapping motion? What if you have no thumbs?

No Eternals screwed everything up with Thanos and Eros, their dad is not Ashrem the celestial.


This is why Disney bought Star Wars. Thanos could only do so much to keep the Celestials from hatching. The MCU needs the Death Star to keep intelligent populations down! Thank goodness for the multiverse! Just imagine, a Thanos variant as the Emperor of the Empire with a Death Star or two! Maybe four or five! Each one powered by it’s own infinity gem…or better yet its own infinity gauntlet! Why not! I can’t wait for that story!!! Thanos WAS right!


In an infinite number of multiverses, this is happening somewhere….

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Thanos was always right. Even before the mcu.


Actually. Hulk used the stones to undo the snap after Thanos destroyed them. Marvel UK released a timeline that diverts when Nebula stole the power stone and Captain America returned it to 2014, pre-snap, so the theory is very plausible.

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