Everything Star Wars (But Not Comics)

Just a catchall for random star wars stuff, that doesn’t fit into any other Star Wars thread…

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Ha. I do like fuzzy crocs.

Not to be confused with fuzzy crotch.

I apologize for nothing.


what about that shirt?

Ha. Was gonna say that.

Saw your unboxing. I think your kid was as excited as you to see them lol. That little hand… Lol

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I actually couldn’t get them off my youngest for a WHILE!


Highly paid Ha$bro exec #1: How can we increase profits even further? Customers aren’t accepting our price increases and phony “we love the environment “ windowless packaging. Retailers are complaining about stagnant stock. What else do we have up our sleeve?

Highly paid Ha$bro exec #2: “What if we made our figures out of cheap, transparent plastic? We don’t have to worry about painting them which saves some serious dough!”

Exec 1: “Surely you don’t believe people will buy a clear figure??”

Exec 2: “I do believe! We’ll call them holograms and Star Wars collectors will gobble them up! If Wal-Mart can get customers to pay full price to scan and bag their own purchases and effectively make them free employees, we can sell bland action figures! Oh, and don’t call me Shirley!”

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We can only blame ourselves, the consumers for buying junk we don’t necessarily need.

I still love my ghost if obi-wan mail order figure. The original transparent action figure.



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Yeah, I think the gimmick is kind of cool. It’s by no means original. We’ve had hologram figures at least since the early 90s. Han Solo in Carbonite from the late 80s POTF line had transparent plastic, so a hologram figure in spirit.

It’s cool there’s an update with the stylized “bounty puck” light-up stand and aurebesh sign.

In the end, it’s not enough to get me to jump and buy.

Call me a bleeding heart, but every time I consider a Hasbro or other toy purchase (looking at you Funko, Lego, and friends), I just think about all the resources being poured into that plastic and all the waste I know is flying off the production line.

Are these things cool? Yes, of course they are. But, so are the things I already own. The massive coolness factor of the Ghost Haslab wasn’t even enough for me to back that. I’m happy people who wanted it are going to get it, but I can’t in good conscience do it for myself.

If I’m going to buy plastic, I’m going to buy a fun bootleg and support a little guy, not an international conglomerate.

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The real pity here is that you never got $5 off.

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