Excalibur #12

Unknown Comics

On sale tomorrow.

Gambit looks off below the waist

Rogue is all grown up now. Is that costume painted on?

Got a load in his diaper, it seems.

Man, I’m probably ruining his cover for people…can’t unsee these things…

Same I said. Looks nude with body pain idk Gambit looks weird

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I am not sure what they are going for with this one. Agree on Gambit. Rogue … idk. Definitely looks all grown up!

Boring… next?

Great colouring on that cover. But there is definitely something ‘off’ about the art.

Rogue and Gambit posing for a cover is like… @D-Rog mentioning that we have way too many covers of Wolverine crouching with his claws out… Until they actually do something cool with these characters in the stories, I can’t see why people love seeing them on covers posing or kissing one another… meh…

Is this a Zombie cover?

I just don’t see the need for this… Or possible desire.