Excalibur 86 'Deluxe'

So this deluxe variant which doesn’t have much value has 2 sealed '95 fleer ultra X-Men cards at the centerfold.

Does anyone know what these are, and if they’re different from the regular trading card series from that year?

Hmmmm…not sure. Checked mine but don’t want to open them.
I had the issue because it’s a 1st appearance of Pete Wisdom.


Yeah same here. I’m assuming the cards are of the character on the wrapper. Mine show Cable and Wolverine.

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@dPcomics Forgot to say thank you! I had no idea! Pretty cool honestly!
I’ll. I’ll be looking for more now!

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I think there were multiple books that month that had them.

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@Devildog @Anthony with the marvel card craze, these might be worth pulling out and listing on eBay, sealed of course. Or has that ship sailed already?

Not sure the ship sailed. Might be worth checking dollar bins for which ones the cards came in. Might be worth putting together a list.

Who’s got that action?

Not it.

I am on it. Will do it tonight.

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Ok so looking at Marvel comics that came out in February 1995:

We already know Excalibur #86 So that is confirmed. Please check your copies to see if they have the cards so we can verify. These all came out the same month. I haven’t checked the following month. Looks like it was just X-Men Family books that had them.

Cable #20 (My copy has cards)

Generation X #4 (Not verified)

Uncanny X-men #321 (Not Verified)
Uncanny X-Men #322 (Not Verified)

Wolverine #90 Cards yes

X-Factor #111 cards yes

X-Force #43 cards yes

X-Men #41 cards yes

Wizard Magazine #41 was also sealed with a pack of cards.


Yea how about the next worthless shit there is a craze for is marvel pillowcases, next level spec right here.


That is definitely Feral and Cables 1st pillowcase appearance. Pure gold right there, Alana.

I’ve always wanted to sleep on top of Cable. The most grizzled on the Summers family.

…did I say that out loud?

10 year olds and that Feral pillowcase…hormones and all. Prolly want em sealed for sure.

Does it come with cards? And can they be considered rookie cards?

Posters are making a comeback. There’s third part graders for those things now with encapsulation.

That’s a big slab.

I by no means remember this. So if it happened holy shit. If you made the pic, holy shit, that’s good. Lmao

So, I collected this set at the time and remember these books and packs. The packs included cards from the Fleer Ultra 95. I believe it was completely random which cards you got.

The only card that was in packs that was not in the set was the Alternate X Weapon X card. The only Alternate X card in the set was Sabretooth, so the Weapon X card is a bit of an oddity/rarity compared to the rest of the set.


FYI, I had Both a direct and newsstand copy at one time. My direct had cards, and the newsstand did not. I believe only the direct copies had card inserts, but correct me if I’m mistaken.

The newsstands had cards in them as well. The only way for me to get comics at that time was at the newsstand, so I can confirm they had cards as well.

Edit - I know books like UXM 310 newsstands had cards in them and remember purchasing deluxe editions at the newsstands, but I could be wrong about the newsstand version you mentioned @D-Rog. Memory does get a little hazy in the 25 years since these were on the stands.


Are you selling this?