Excalibur & Lionheart

So I hear Captain Britain is heating up…

You know what character I really like? Kelsey Leigh

School history teacher takes over the Captain Britain mantle, teams up w the Avengers and ultimately does her own thing.

1st appearance - Avengers 77 (2004)
As Captain Britain - Avengers 80 (2004)

And for me, the one I really like is:

1st appearance and cover as Lionheart - New Excalibur 4 (2006).

I’ve been picking up copies of New Excalibur 4 for years. It’s cheap spec, has a cool cover and was written by Claremont.


Avengers #77 Vol. 3 (2004) First Kelsey Leigh

Avengers #80 Vol. 3 (2004) First Appearance of Kelsey Leigh as Captain Britain

New Excalibur #4 (2006) Kelsey Leigh 1st Appearance as Lionheart


@dPcomics Thank you! I’ll add these to the list.


Braddock was already name dropped in Avengers Endgame.

The only skrull variant I see listed is at $250

I get very confused with Faiza Hussain.
Is it MI: 13 or Wisdom #1 that is her 1st?

Didn’t he already have a love interest in Eternals

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Eternals was just a setup for Dane and Blade.

Midnight Sons…

I expect Blade to make some sort of appearance at the end of Moon Knight

I’m pretty sure MI:13 #1 is considered her 1st, at least by the market.

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