Exclusive Sad Lemon Variant Now Available Again at eBay Prices!

You got to love when a exclusive variant seller all the sudden has new copies of a sold out variant at eBay prices

“limited to 600” but under marvel printing rules they had to order 1000.

Sorry, I had to edit the worlds longest title ever… :wink:

Well change eBay to sad lemon at eBay prices🤷‍♀️

There you go… I think I nailed it after 3 tries… ughh… my brain is mushy today.

:cry: :lemon: is just :sob: for the Comic Book Industry…

Now we know why the lemon is sad.

Is anyone surprised ? This has been known for a long time that stores that do variants dont mention a “print run” and only a “limited amount of XXX copies available”…

And yet people keep falling for it…

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And we’ll keep reminding them… rinse, recycle, repeat… that’s what we do here. :wink:

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Buy low. Not high.

And if you can’t buy low… skip it and go on to the next one. :wink: