Exclusive: Star Wars High Republic Adventures Annual #1 TFAW Jon Lam Variant

What is up, EveryWookiee! It is DrunkWooky back with some extremely exciting news!

I am proud to exclusively announce TFAW’s exclusive Star Wars High Republic Adventures Annual #1 variant by Jon Lam!

The TFAW Exclusive Star Wars High Republic Adventures Annual #1 variant by Jon Lam will be available for pre-order tomorrow (11/19/2021) at 2 pm Pacific Time. Prices will be $14.99 for raw copies, and $49.99 for CBCS 9.8 graded copies! High Republic Annual #1 releases 12/15/2021! No links yet today, but you can keep your eyes peeled on TFAW to grab a pre-order here!

This cover features the first comic cover appearance of Bell Zettifar and his Charhound, Ember! The edition size on this cover will be extremely limited to 700 copies! Check out Jon Lam’s amazing work on the cover below!

The fine folks at TFAW asked to pick my brain on who I’d like to see on an exclusive TFAW High Republic Adventures Annual #1 variant cover and I immediately said Jedi Padawan Bell Zettifar and his Charhound, Ember! Next thing you know, Jon Lam was off to the races producing some amazing art and now here we are!

Bell Zettifar first appeared in Charles Soule’s *Light of the Jedi * novel, then played a major role in Cavan Scott’s The Rising Storm novel. Bell made his first comic cameo appearance in Daniel Jose Older’s Trail of Shadows #1:

Official solicit:

(W) Claudia Gray, Charles Soule, Justina Ireland, Daniel Jose Older, Cavan Scott (A) Various (CA) Stefano Simone Join all five High Republic authors, together in one book for the FIRST TIME EVER, as they each explore different corners of the galaxy during the height of the Galactic Republic. From daring Jedi, to the always adventurous Geode, and nefarious Nihil, The High Republic Adventures Annual has it all! In Shops: Dec 15, 2021SRP: $7.99



wont this have 1st app of Alys “Crash” Ongwa and her droid K8 as well

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there are no ratios are there. that should keep store exclusives down

No just cover a and Loo cover B, both open order.

Loo has first Porter Engle cover.

still no mando or baby yoda app in comics, get tfaw to put them on a cover. instant sell out if its the 1st cover of them

Lucasfilm would slam it down so hard at first review hahaha.


I’m pretty sure if we requested those for a cover that would be the last time they respond to any requests haha


That’s a nice cover.

available now
Star Wars High Republic Adventures Annual 2021 #1 (Jon Lam TFAW Exclusive Variant)


CBCS 9.8:

Star Wars High Republic Adventures Annual 2021 #1 (Jon Lam TFAW Exclusive Variant) CBCS Graded 9.8 Blue Label


graded is sold out

I think it will sell out generally. It’s limited to 700 and the quantity limit is removed in 10 minutes.

Dang it… got 2 9.8s but was hoping to add another one in 10 minutes. C’est la vie.

Still limit of 2

It’s up to 4 now.

raws sold out


Was trying to get a 9.8 but wasn’t able to. It kept saying qty not available. This was between 2:00-2:03. Was able to get a raw copy though.

Took my son to Boy Scouts and my phone died. Missed out.

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I missed it. Oh well. Catch another 1.