Extreme Load Error?

Anyone else seeing the following error at the top of their screen,

Due to extreme load, this is temporarily being shown to everyone as a logged out user would see it.

If so, please let me know and if you are on a PC or mobile


I can’t reproduce this but I’m also pretty awesome. I think my account is the forum master so I always get priority though as well. :wink:

are you on mobile or pc? My desktop is still doing it, my phone is not

Yes. Kicked me out briefly. iPhone.

on a pc and saw the message

My MacBook Pro is not having issues nor getting the message

I’m in the Great White North though.


I wonder if it’s rate limiting you people for refreshing and hitting it constantly. Time to take a CHU break… :wink:

Alright, I’m gonna do a restart of services. I saw a spike about an hour ago so it might of pinged those online during the spike and the message isn’t going away for certain users.

No odd messages here beyond the creepy ones @agentpoyo always sends me. I kid.


You’re my favorite… :wink:

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Color me flattered and distubred!


Yeah too many eyes on the spot… the low spit not low anymore.

Alright, see if the message is persistent or gone.

Can we change Anthony’s forum name to Extreme Load Error?

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I’m assuming since no one is replying that the error is now gone. If you people don’t talk, I’m gonna make it come back just to annoy you all… :wink:


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I got it…I posted a screen shot on the TFAW thread when I in happened.

Figured someone was taking a big dump…

…extreme load…

…log out…

Get it?

No, I’m asking is it still happening for anyone.


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