Facebook marketplace

I was wondering if anyone had used FB Marketplace to find good deals on comics. If so, do you think it is another good option to find some things?

I moved your topic to General. The For Sale and Trading category is if you’re actually wanting to sell or trade comics from the forums. Thanks.

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I wrote before about getting someone’s small collection and making a good chunk of change on it. I have luck selling sometimes too and buying things. I just got an, “Infinite Crisis Omnibus,” first printing for $80 from someone local who wanted to sell it to make space and was offering it that cheap as it wasn’t sealed or such but in great condition. I like Facebook marketplace but it can have people who are pains too, as I was discussing in another thread.

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I wish I had seen your other thread…I wouldn’t have started this one. I recently bought Thor GOT 2 and 6 off a guy for $150 but I have to admit I felt uneasy on if he would really send it. WIth Ebay, I at least know stuff is coming… Just was wondering others thoughts on using it.

Thanks…I wasn’t sure which header to throw it under.

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It was in the holiday shipping subject. I sold a comic to someone via Facebook group who was a pain and continues to be a pain.

As long as you always pay PayPal goods and services you don’t have to worry about someone not sending you something, you can get your money back. Only do friends & family for friends or family.


Good to know about Paypal. I did pay that way but I didn’t know about that protection.