Facsimile failures

Some poor soul bid $405 for Hulk #180 and #181 facsimile editions. I wonder if this was legit or what happened.

My first post on the forums here was about a rash of New Mutants #98 facsimiles going for ridiculous prices at Christmas/holiday time. Please, tell your families to not shop vintage comics on eBay unless they know exactly what they’re buying.

Yikes. I’d actually hate to be that seller. I’d be terrified these people figure out they got a facsimile when they mean to get a first print and they will make an eBay claim and get their money back.

The seller doesn’t seem to have lied. Merely omitted foreseeably important information that was critical to inducing a buyer to purchase the book. But still, it conventionally called a “half truth.”


Fools and their money…

Listing title should have pointed it out, but it’s there in the description.

I think people post these as auctions hoping to lure some unsuspecting victim and make some quick cash.


Also, someone with zero feedback was pushing this up higher and higher towards the end.

Nothing suspicious about that!

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Hook, Line…sinker!

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I saw a Strange Academy #1 5th print advertised as a first print for $100.

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Smells shillicious. Yuck.