Fan Expo Exclusive Con Variants

Fan Expo has released their list of convention variants for this season, much to the delight of our good friend Alana :wink:. Some of the ‘highlights’ this year include;

Batman #608 Jim Lee Foil Variant

Batman #608 Jim Lee Foil Variant

Batman: Harley Quinn #1 Alex Ross Foil Variant

Absolute Carnage #1 Inhyuk Lee Variant

Action Comics #1 Tony Daniels Acetate Variant

House of X #1 Dell’Otto Variant

These will only be available for those who attend the Fanexpo shows, and they may be available at the fanexpo online store after the convention season is finished. Some of these convention variants have seen some heat in the past, and can be profitable, if you can get them at the right price. And there are some nice books, from some great artists, that some may enjoy for their PC.

I can see that House of X #1 doing well if one can buy low, sell high. Otto is a great artist.

Dell’Otto is one of my favourites too, and that House of X #1 Wolvie is pretty sweet.

I like Fan Expo at least it’s not another BA #12 reprint this year.

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All those covers would be a great addition to any collection foils and acetates.

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Sorry, @Alana. I did not intend on speaking for you, I thought I remembered you not liking the foil copies of books. Ive edited the original post. Cheers, ho’onani. :grin: (Did I get that right?)

wish i had known, fan expo was in boston this weekend. i could have stopped in and grabbed you covers.