Fantastic Four: Antithesis

New Fantastic Four Series on August 26th. Neal Adams and Mark Waid are involved. Sounds like new villain to be introduced along with new FF costumes.


The new villain will be the all new, all different (slightly more cloudy) Black Winter 2!!! Just ask Cates about it. He will be very accommodating I’m sure.

I’m wondering if this is Antithesis on just this cover.

Looks like potential for a quick flip profit, with the hype driven by the article and it being a #1.

thats silver surfer ffs

“…Antithesis - the Negative Zone version of Galactus himself!”

Not sure if you’re joking, but if not, look again between the book number and the logo.

It is possible it’s the Silver Surfer. I snagged a couple of copies of the Adam’s cover. FF Is in -process of being rebooted. Who knows what will be tied into a reboot.

“ In fact, the title – Antithesis – refers to whatever or whoever is Galactus’s opposite, who will be introduced in this series. And what’s more, Galactus will transform by the series’ end – into someone fans already recognize, says Adams.”

Glad I preordered the A/B cover when they dropped last month. Now’s eeing the Adam’s cover I’ll grab another 1. I like it.


There are 4 covers from what I see on TFAW. We have seen cover A/B. But C/D we have not (at least I have not).

1:50 and 1:25

So … If Galactus is transforming into ‘someone we know’, does his origin story decide to heat up here?

Thanks! I still like A/B better.

This is who I was talking about to make it clear. Could just be a cloud :cloud:

That’s Galactus. Curious what he is transforming into that we know. Which one is the Pichelli variant?

I thought the 1:25 cover had this Antithesis character on it. Then I looked at the cover to issue #3

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TFAW has the 1:50 and 1:25 available at VERY sporadic times. The 1:25 is available now.

Yup, you can find the Pichelli Variant here.

I learned long ago, I don’t spec on Fantastic Four anymore. Been burned too many times… Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t expect anything to come out of any Fantastic Four modern book. They make great supporting cast characters now… but as a group, meh…

They were cool decades ago… not so much now. Like when POP boy bands were all the rage 20 years ago… not so cool nowadays…