Fantastic Four Retro Marvel Legends

JUST REVEALED! It’s the Marvel Legends Series Fantastic Four collection! These figures feature classic-inspired design, detail, and articulation for posing and display in your Marvel collection. Available for pre-order beginning Tuesday 8/10 at 1pm ET on #HasbroPulse! Each sold separately.

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Good luck getting that invisible woman to stand up on those tiny feet.

That’s where you got it all wrong… you’re not suppose to remove them from the packaging…


My B. I knew I was doing SOMETHING wrong.

"Then there’s Sue. . So, Sue’s feet are super narrow and so are her legs. This means that even if you manage to find a decent pose, she’s unlikely to be able to stand in that pose. Sue has a ball and swivel jointed neck that you can barely use because of her massive mop of hair…Her ankles were super tight and it seems I could never get her heeled shoes to sit well on the ground. I don’t understand why Sue gets a single elbow joint when the boys get two and her size would amply allow for one.

Sue can basically just stand there with various small leans. Pretty unimpressive for a Marvel Legends figure. Also, that hip joint just looks ghastly. Look at the space between the thigh and the buttock. Yuck."