Fantasy Football

Any of you ladies and gents into fantasy football? If so, how are you doing thus far?

I’ve dabbled in Fantasy hockey, like DFS.

Love fantasy football!
Would you believe I’ve been in the same league since 1992. Same 12 group of friends. I remember doing stats from the sports section on Tuesday. First pick for our league in 1992 was Barry Sanders.

Our league is a bit different though as back when we started we created it as a keeper league with 3 keepers. Really puts the focus on rookies at times. We still always meet in person which has been a great way to keep our friendship going.

My team is just “ok”. Don’t laugh as again, our league is different with the 3 keeper thing. I kept Travis Kelce, Alvin Kamara (who I drafted as a rookie with a late pick), and (gasp) Cam Akers (again, drafted as a rookie). My biggest mistake this year was waiting on a QB. Thankfully I also grabbed J. Fields as a backup and he’s become my starter. My early picks were Terry McLaurin and Michael Pittman and they’ve been a massive let down. On the bright side, I grabbed Dameon Pierce and James Robinson pretty late and they’ve been great. I’m sitting at 4-5. Lost by a damned .5 last week as I played against Mixon.

Looking forward I’ll likely keep Kelce, Pearce, and someone other than Kamara next year. I figure he will be in jail next season.



Fields just may be keeper worthy if his development continues in the same manner it has progressed this season.

Ive been playing in a 12 team league for about ten years now with relatively the same friends. We’ve had a little turnover throughout the years. My father had me gambling in football pools when I was 10 (Ill be 44 in December), so, Ive been an avid fan of the NFL for nearly 35 years. This has given me an advantage in our pools. Im currently in 2nd in my league, with a 6-3 record. I lost my match in week 7, a battle for 1st place, and lost by .4. I had 4 Raiders in my lineup (Adams, Carr, Carlson, and an IDP). The 3 offensive Raiders got me a total of 2.9 pts that week. I literally needed 4 more yards from Davante, who had a career low single reception for 3 yards. :man_facepalming:

In our league, we also roster a lineup of IDPs (Independent Defensive Players) alongside our offensive players. This adds a ton of fun to the league.

And here is a pic of our league trophy.

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Just picked up the Pitts RB Warren as a bench stash.

I used to do it. Then I found myself routing for players who were playing against my team to do well, but somehow for my team to still win.

I also found myself obsessing about line-up’s and add/drops and agonizing which players to start each week based on matchups.

I was in the same league for almost 10 years…every year I had one of the top scoring teams because I put so much effort ea h week…yet all but two seasons made the playoffs because my opponents always seemed to have their best week of the season when playing me.

And I also found myself sitting in front of the TV all day Sundays and generally in a bad mood. Missing out on beautiful early fall weather.

Bottom line…it wasn’t a good fit for me. I’m too competitive. I’m much happier not worrying about lineups and enjoying life and just rooting for my “real” team and players…and I record their games and replay them at night before bed…so I don’t waste the day and I can watch a game in less than 90 minutes when skipping commercials and halftime shows.

I work outside. There is nothing I love more than sitting on the couch all day Sunday watching the NFL, escaping the sun that cooks me from Monday to Friday.

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I used to watch The League, closest I came.

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That show was hilarious

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Yeah, I just binged the complete series. Loved it.