FAR SECTOR #1 discussion group


I speak on behalf of CHU in this matter. We all needed that! Been too long man. And thx… :grin:


I stashed away a couple of that COLLAPSER #1 book. Looks great! I don’t read the series though I have way too many pulls as it is… Have you been reading it? Should I be? Let me know it’s not too far along to catch up. What book is that series on…


SOLD OUT ALL COVERS MIDTOWN! One per customer. The variants sold out day of preorder release last week. That’s all folks, cover price is drying up grab some if you can find them… Now it’s a secondary market book… Here we go… :eyes:


This is going nuclear. Called it. :v:


FOC is Monday 11/18, Midtown isnt sold out. They’re just not selling anymore copies right now. You post on this thread way too much, you might have an obsessive compulsive disorder…


Yeah, Midtown always shuts down pre-orders about half way through the month from the previous month. Far Sector #2 was part of October Previews, so pretty much all October Previews are off the ordering block now at Midtown.

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Midtown doesn’t sell presales after FOC. In fact, they close preorders about a month before FOC. They’ll have plenty of copies.

Hoping to find a copy at my LCS this weekend as I couldn’t get there this week. We’ll see!

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Um what ??? Midtown ALWAYS has books available on Wednesday, the week before they come out.


Yes, those are the only pre-sales Midtown does if not ordering from Previews pre-sales with the bigger discounts.


Dear Mr Armchair Shrink … And you are simply rude … why do you care … ?? He started the Thread, if he wants to post on it every 5 minutes, who gives a crap … ?? Your mouse does not magically force itself to click on it …

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