Favourite WOLVIE costume?


Personally I’m a BYRNE fan but a fun video either way. What’s yours? Be well everyone…

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I’m gonna have to say Byrne as well. I love the masculine hairy arm Wolverine… Mmm… Hmm… Crap, did I say that out loud? Sshh… don’t tell the wife!

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My buddy sent me this same video this morning…I think I’m in with the Byrne crowd on this one.

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@jcLu Who me? Ha :laughing: Not a BYRNE cover, this is KLAUS JANSON, but in keeping with that classic WOLVIE style we all seem to agree upon … Such an undervalued book, what a cover! It’s not even a WOLVIE book haha… DAREDEVIL #196.

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It’s weird, the brown and orange costume SHOULD be the best, by all accounts… and yet it just doesn’t “work” as well as the yellow and blue. Probably because a) it’s the primary X-Men colors so it fits the representation of the team better and b) Yellow has become associated with this character specifically that it seems odd to try to pair him with brown or whatever. Kind of like how Red is Daredevil, Blue is Superman, Gray is Batman, Yellow is just Wolverine’s color, maybe because its the only primary one left. And finally, the design with the shoulder pads is just superior… he looks off without them. The midsection of the brown is also all wrong, as when done right, the tiger stripes on the yellow/blue cross with the shoulder points to create an ‘X’ on his torso! (Something John Cassaday’s dumb re-design screwed up, for barely changing it at all just he could stamp his name to it)

Also rigger_one, DD 196 is NOT undervalued… that issue is always on the wall at conventions and I’ve never seen it once in a dollar bin, even though it should be! It’s almost more valuable than 181 or something these days.

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I believe that opinion to be wholly subjective.

You can get a NM copy for $15 on eBay.


Personally I see yellow/gold as WONDER WOMAN not WOLVIE but interesting theory of colour association. Never thought about it that way… As for DD #196, I’m from Toronto and I ONLY pull them here out of dollar bins, minty newstand and CPV’s. :maple_leaf: I have never seen it as a wall book and I frequent many cons. MCS has copies listed for $5 if they were open for purchase. I would consider that undervalued. It’s a cool book, sometimes these overlooked covers catch on… Don’t pay too much guys, be well everyone…

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The John Byrne ones my favorite as well. Although I also like his uncanny x-force costume as well.


John Byrne here as well. You’ll laugh, but it was Secret Wars that originally introduced me to the character. I then bought the figure as well. I’ll always like that version the best.


I liked his New X-Men costume when Morrison had their outfits be more like modern first-responder type clothes with a futuristic flair.


I was browsing the SDCC suvenir book yesterday and found a cool looking She Hulk cover that had Wolverine in. It was draw by Romita Sr. I will take a picture later today and post it.


Yo, I’m going with the classic yellow costume, Wolverine.


Here’s the image I was taking about.


This is fantastic, never seen it before. All on the beach for SDCC '86 ha! Thx for sharing… :beach_umbrella:


Glad you enjoyed it. It’s a Romita art. I had to share it


I liked the New X-Men one too and wish they had just closed up his hairy chest and had the jacket have yellow tiger stripes with a mask; then it would have been perfect.

Although after Mark Millar said he looked like a garbageman, I now can’t unsee it…


I think the brown costume is by far his best.


Weapon X with the helmet for me.

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